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Perfect Mosses For a Mossarium

It's not easy setting up a terrarium. You have tools, equipment, where's it going to go, and then you must put it all together. But what about a mossarium? You've got all that set up, then have to choose the mosses living out their days with you. How will you decide?

It's not easy, but I'm hoping the five choices below will give you an idea of where to start.

Cushion Moss

You may want to lay your head on it. It's tempting, although it may not cover a whole lot. Cushion Moss is part of the white moss family and ranges from 50 cm to at least 1 m across. It needs plenty of moisture, so watering often is a necessity, but be careful not to overwater. If given the proper time and care, you can create a bed of cushions the forest floor will be jealous of and make one handsome mossarium to boot.

Hair Cap Moss

If it could be pulled off, this moss would be in the wig business. As it grows, it takes on wild, sprawling stems with stalks protruding in different directions. This makes for a great one-off piece in a mossarium. It has 1.5-inch-tall stalks, with each individual leaf being 6-12 mm long. Hair Cap Moss is either breaking into the hair industry soon or preferably giving your mossarium the character it deserves.

Fern Moss

No, it's not a fern. It's moss. And a handsome one at that. Fern Moss has a triangular-leaf limp look that resembles a fern plant. It grows in huge clusters of layered stems and stalks. It can grow to 24 inches. And it should be watered but not submerged or left to sit in water. It's decidedly low maintenance in terms of caring for it. But if you treat it right, you'll have a very good-looking addition to your mossarium.

Sheet Moss

Do you remember that moss you found in woods and forests as a kid? This is that moss. It stands today as one of the more widely popular choices for a mossarium. Sheet moss can be 1 to 4 inches thick. It thrives in environments that resemble moist, forested areas with high humidity and abundant plant life. Another low-maintenance moss that, if cared for right, will take you all the way back to those woods you played in as a kid.

Carpet Moss

Do you remember that other moss you found in the woods and forests as a kid? This is that moss. Carpet moss is self-explanatory. Moss carpet. Watering this daily will encourage growth. This will be a choice if you feel that adding a sense of aging to your mossarium is the direction you'd like to go.

Don't be afraid to dive in and try all the choices above. Each one has its own benefits and can truly liven up your mossarium. Remember, you get back what you put into it. So, get to mossing up today.