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Putting a Body of Water in Your Yard

Water Garden

Who doesn’t love the look of a lovely, relaxing waterfall or water garden in their yard?

They have the pre-conception that a water garden or water feature must be prefabricated and purchased as a kit instead of a bit of creativity.

Water gardens can be placed anywhere, from a pot you have left lying around to a barrel with no use. Water gardens are straightforward because they can provide you with peace and tranquility by listening to the water trickle down as you sit next to it.

Water container gardens are easy to make because you can use almost anything, such as a pot. You can purchase a pond liner from your local garden center or home improvement store, lay it down inside the container, and overlap excess outside. The excess can be secured with glue or left hanging and then covered up with plants later on. After placing your liner inside your pot, you can fill it with water and add your water plants or KOI fish, whatever you choose. If you want a unique and different look, you can turn a Terra pot upside down and then place your water plant on top of it so that the roots are still submerged in the water, allowing them to grow. Water gardens or water containers can be set up anywhere. It just takes a little creativity.

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10 Water Garden Plants

10 Water Garden Plants

Water Garden Package of 10 Water-Loving Plants If you have a water garden or koi pond on your property, you know this unique feature is worth your time and attention. Adding the best water garden plants for your growing zone adds value and charm; it also adds value to the mini-ecosystem your pond creates. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE A COLLECTION OF WATER GARDEN PLANTS, NOT SPECIFIC SPECIES. WE CHOOSE TYPES THAT WORK BEST FOR YOUR ZONE ACCORDING TO YOUR ZIP CODE T.N. Nursery takes the guesswork out of the equation. Our experienced horticulturists will custom assemble--just for you--a water garden package with ten plants that will flourish in your particular area. When you order, we take note of your U.S.D.A. growing zone, which helps us decide which species we will select for your Water Garden fact. Please place your order with complete confidence in our experience. We will take care of the rest. The water Garden Package Might Include But are not limited to Here are a few plants that might come in your water garden package--remember these are representative, but your particular selection may vary. Water Lily Pads: Lily pads are a charming, classic pond or water garden addition. They camouflage your fish, protecting them from predators, and have lovely flowers that add a vibrant touch of color. Water Willow: This lovely plant has colorful flowers blooming in your pond's shallow waters or along the banks. Bulrush: This aquatic plant grows in dense colonies in low waters. It often serves as a habitat for herons, egrets, or other water-loving birds. Cattails: Tall and classic, the cattail is easily identifiable for its lovely, large plumes rising from the water.  Remember, your water garden package contains ten healthy plants, hand-selected to suit your local growing conditions. Our experts know what you need. The water Garden Package (10 Plants) is available today at T.N. Nursery Are you ready to enhance your pond with the best water garden plants? Place your order with T.N. Nursery today.

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