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Monday, September 12

Growing Apple Trees in Your Garden

Apple is a delicious fruit, and the apple tree can be easily planted in a home garden. Apple is known to have many health benefits, and it is rich in antioxidants.

The tree can grow up to a height of 35- 40 feet, but there are other smaller varieties also available in the market. Appletree is propagated by the method of grafting in which a scion is grafted onto a rootstock. You can buy dwarf rootstocks from a nursery that are ideal for a home garden. Apples cannot self-pollinate, so you need to plant at least two different varieties together so that the cross-pollination occurs.

Choose a site that is perfect for the plant to thrive. It will need well- drained and a sunny spot to grow healthily. There should be enough spacing between plants so that they do not overcrowd each other on maturity. While planting the graft, make sure that the graft union is about 2 inches above the ground to avoid roots growing from the scion. Once you have planted the apple plant, water it properly on a regular basis. Before growth stage hits, you will have to prune the plant as initial pruning helps in stabilizing the tree when it matures. Pruning will ensure that the roots are stronger to support the plant when it grows big.

If the soil is not relatively good and rich in nutrients, then you will have to use fertilizers so that the fruit production is better. It is advisable to use only recommended quantity of fertilizers as excessive use can damage the tree and can also result in poor quality fruit. Apple trees can get infected with many diseases and pests so look out for such problems and remove infected fruits otherwise the disease will spread to other parts.

These are some of the basic tips for growing and maintaining an apple tree in your home garden. At the time of harvesting, you can pick the fruits from the branches, and you can also engage your family members to help you. It will be a truly rewarding moment for you as a gardener.

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