Grape Leaf pickles

Grape Leaf pickles

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Sunday, July 24

Grape leaf pickles are a great thing to do when you have an abundance of grapes.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, large, crisp grape leaf pickle especially on a hot summer day? Grape leaf pickles have been around for many, many generations and will probably be for many more years.

It seems as if almost everyone has grapes growing on their land because grapes are an easy grower. Once you plant a few grape shrubs or vines, the grapes will take hold of whatever you place near it to grasp to such as an arbor, trellis or vine and go to town. In about a year a grapevine can reach lengths of over 6 feet and produce enough grapes to make several quarts of jam, jellies and other delicious products for you and your family to enjoy.

For my family grape leaf pickles has been an enjoyment for many years because my grandfather had grape vines, so we grew up on grape leaf pickles. This year I was honored because my grandfather passed down a 4 generation grape leaf pickle crock to me and asked me to whip him up a batch of grape leafs…I am in the process of making my 2nd batch already this year. Yum!

Grape leaf pickles are a great way to use all of those extra leaves that otherwise you wouldn’t use in a standard pickle recipe.

Items you will need –

Grape leaf crock

Dark, cool spot

A couple of handful of grape leaves (cut off the stems and wrinkle up the leaves)

Medium to large size cucumbers

Bowl full of grapes

First, you will need to wash your crock and then lay a layer of cucumbers down, over the top you will need to lay out a layer of grape leaves, next squeeze a handful of grapes on top then repeat with more cucumbers, leaves, grapes, etc. until you reach the top. Once you get to the top you will need to mix a mixture of water and salt (just salty to the taste) and then pour over the top until you cover the cucumbers and then place the small plate on top with a rock on it so that you can submerge the cucumbers in the brine, cover with the secure lid and keep tight for 10-14 days. After about 10-14 days you can take a pickle out and bite into it and enjoy the taste and flavor of yummy, delicious grape leaf pickles.

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