Farkleberry Shrub

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Farkleberry - Vaccinium arboreum

Farkleberry Tree has multiple names likes Sparkelberry or Huckleberry and many more. Even though it is called tree, this plant usually only grows to become a shrub but in the rare cases that shrub actually grows to become a tree, it only becomes a small tree with a short trunk. It is decorated with small beautiful bell shaped flowers which ranges from a bright white to a goldish yellow. These flowers can measure about ½ inch in length and usually blooms in the Spring and early Summer months. Other than the beautiful flowers this tree produces, it also produces a type of Blueberry. These are some of the largest blueberries with large seeds and they are often called Huckleberries. The flowers and fruit are inedible to humans but are frequently enjoyed by the trees surrounding wildlife. The leaves are a dark green in the Spring/Summer time but turn to a vibrant red in the Fall. You can find this specie of tree all around the United states but mostly in the South. This is because in the wild this particular tree is found near dry hillsides, sand dunes and rocky woods. Some of the recommended soils are rocky or sandy based soils. If you are planting the seeds for this tree then you will need to sow them an acid soil mix but not one with a high acid count. The best thing about this plant is that it causes few allergies and is extremely wind resistant. The wood from Farkelberry trees are sometimes used for the handles of tools. This tree/shrub is seen has a very durable and strong plant that can survive in dry places.





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