Fall Tree Leaves $3

We harvest fall leaves for school projects, scrap books or those that absolutely love something unique. Our fall foliage leaves are only available about 6 weeks out of each year. We start harvesting our leaves when the trees starts changing colors near the first or second week in October. We hand choose all our vibrant fall foliage leaves and we also apply clear acrylic craft spray on each leaf to preserve the color for years to come. These are really popular for nature lovers, to put in scrapbooks, coasters and to make arts and crafts from. One teacher in North Dakota asked us to collect her 34 sugar maple tree leaves for a kindergarten school project. She took the leaves, placed them between wax paper and used a warm clothing iron to laminate from in 1989. This lady opened a door for us to realize, there are more to trees than just providing great shade, wind barriers and looking nice. Most Americans one study showed as Fall (Autumn) being a favorite season of many. When asked why Fall was a favorite season people responded 56% by saying "the beautiful fall leaves on trees". Well, we are here to extend the Fall season and you can order those fall foliages to remind you of the most cherished season of all 4 seasons by ordering fall foliage leaves in many different varieties and colors as a keepsake to remind you of what a beautiful season past. We are in the nursery industry and know many different varieties of trees whereas other companies gather leaves to sell and call them fall foliage, we know which varieties of tree leaves we are harvesting and selling. You can choose red maple, sugar maple, black gum, tulip poplar and a large variety of other tree foliages.

Here is some feedback from fall foliage shoppers:

I can not believe you have such a wide variety of fall colored leaves, I am really in to giving unique gifts and for my daughter's November birthday I have ordered a complete collection of different tree color leaves to make her a scrap book. She will love this. Julie Patterson, NY

I bought 4 fall leaves from you and I bought some clear plastic coasters because my husband is an avid coffee lover and keeps a cup in his hand, He stains my tables and coasters. I have placed your beautiful foliage leaves in the coasters and he says they are so original, he doesn't even like to put his cup on them. I am so pleased with these, more than the tree I bought to be honest! Candy Grooms, Salt Lake City, UT

Why on earth don't you heavily advertise these leaves nationwide? I live in NYC in an apartment complex and never get to see nature. These little leaves I have made a scrap book from and placed it on my coffee table. I am an intern at a local ER and when I come home, this is like a breath of fresh air, getting to see all these God's created gifts of nature to look at. No t.v., no computers, no sirens, just serenity. It's also a great conversational piece too for company. They are always eager to pick my scrap book up and question me about where these leave came from and admire their beauty. I tell them they are from one of the prettiest places on earth, Nashville Tennessee! I can't take Tennessee with me but I sure can have some memories. Jay Lesterfield, NYC.