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Witch Hazel

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Hamamelis Witch Hazel for Sale at Quick Growing Trees

The Witch Hazel family comprises deciduous shrubs, small trees, and a few large trees. When the trees flower, you will see berries from the previous year simultaneously on the tree with the new bulbs. They are very popular as ornamental plants because of their yellow to reddish-orange flowers. The plant has astringent properties and is used in a variety of medical treatments. It is used for fighting acne, externally on bruises and swelling, and other home and commercial remedies. Witch Hazel makes a great landscaping plant, and with the many varieties it comes in, it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect one for your garden space.


Carolina Rose: The Carolina Rose Bush has a beautiful scent and incredible, unique look to this shrub. This shrub was growing so cute, and when it blooms, you get to enjoy the flowers until the end of Spring. The Carolina Rhododendron is one of the top picks from the Rhododendron family of plants. This plant is a homeowner's top choice because of its unique look, smell, and size. The flower blooms are small groups of tiny white flowers with very bright hints of yellow in the centers. You can plant these shrubs in full sun or just partial sun; they thrive either way. If you water twice a week to keep the ground moist around the plant base, it will keep this plant very healthy. Remember to keep the soil moist yet well-drained.


Viburnum --- With the more common name Judd Viburnum this member of the viburnum family will reach a mature height of 8 feet or higher, matching that with a similar size in width. The bush thrives best when soil conditions are well-drained. However, this variety of the viburnum family will produce more flowers in a situation of full sun. Even in semi-shaded areas, the bush will be a perfect addition to any garden. Small clusters of pink-colored flowers will appear in early May, giving the lush green foliage an added attraction. The flower clusters are replaced with thick black-colored fruit in the fall, quickly followed by vibrant red leaves in the autumn. As one of the more fragrant members of the landscaper's garden, this bush is best suited near occupied areas.

Viburnum Juddi Specs:

Zones --- 4 to 7

Mature Height-- Approximately 8 feet tall at full maturity.

Mature Width--Approximately 8 feet wide at full maturity.

Sunlight --- Thrives in full to partial sun.

Soil conditions-- Average soil conditions.

Botanical family name-- Viburnum Lentigo

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The Pink Crepe Myrtle

Pink Crepe Myrtle: The Pink Crepe Myrtle is one of the most beautiful and longest blooming trees of the Crepe Myrtle and or Crape Myrtle plant lines. The Pink Crepe Myrtle has some of the brightest blooms of the most vibrant pink color. This tree or also called shrub, thrives in full sunlight, growing to about 25 feet. Keeping the ground moist for the roots will give your tree even brighter blooms. Remember to keep the soil wet, not soaked, well-drained is the key. This tree brings life to any landscaped area. Not only are they so beautiful as they grow, but they also tend to be one the fastest growing trees. They will get to 15 or 20 feet in as quick as three years.


The shrub is known colloquially as the "hazel alder," or less frequently as the "common alder" or "smooth alder," grows naturally in the types of thickets found on the banks of rivers or streams. One of its best uses is for naturally revitalizing such areas that have been damaged by erosion or other types of deforestation. Besides acting as a stabilizing and restoring shrub, the hazel alder has lovely red-green catkin flowers that can blend in as a subtle addition to the borders of your garden.

The bitter, astringent bark can be brewed into a natural tea, acting as a home remedy for mouth pain, coughs, and mild stomach ailments. The hazel alder's fruit forms in small cones, arrive in the fall, and remain on the shrub for much of the winter. Though the hazel alder is happiest near running water, swamps, or ponds, it will still thrive in other moist soil with PH levels between 6.8 and 7.2 if given sufficient space to grow.


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Witch Hazel - TN Nursery

Witch Hazel

The Witch Hazel is adeciduous shrub is known for its spidery, fragrant yellow to orange-red flowers that bloom in late winter to early spring, often before its leaves emerge, making it a unique and welcome sight in gardens. Itis a versatile shrub that offers numerous benefits in landscaping beyond its well-known medicinal uses. Native to North America and parts of Asia, these deciduous shrubs are prized for their unique appearance, vibrant foliage, and striking winter blooms. When incorporated into landscape designs, this plant can bring a range of aesthetic and functional advantages that enhance outdoor spaces. Witch hazel adds interest to the landscape throughout the year. Four-Season Interest: In late winter or early spring, the shrub bursts into bloom, displaying fragrant, spidery flowers in shades of yellow, orange, and red. This early flowering period provides a much-needed splash of color when most other plants are still dormant. Additionally, Autumn's foliage turns vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red, creating a stunning autumnal display. Natural Privacy Screen:This shrub can be an effective natural privacy screen with its dense branching and arching habit. Planted strategically along property borders or in groupings, it can shield outdoor spaces from prying eyes and create a sense of seclusion. Pollinator-Friendly:The flowers are a valuable nectar source for early-emerging pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. By attracting these beneficial insects,this shrub contributes to the overall health and biodiversity of the landscape, promoting a balanced ecosystem. Tolerance to Shade: Witch Hazel shrub thrives in partial shade to full sun, making it an excellent option for landscapes with varying light conditions. Its adaptability allows for planting in different locations, from under the canopy of more giant trees to sunnier spots in the garden. Erosion Control: The extensive root system helps stabilize the soil and prevent soil erosion, prevention on slopes or areas prone to water runoff. Low Maintenance: Once established, this is a relatively low-maintenance shrub. It is resistant to pests and diseases, requiring minimal intervention. Wildlife Attraction: Apart from pollinators, this shrub attracts other wildlife, such as birds, which feed on the seeds and seek shelter within the shrub's branches. This feature contributes to the overall biodiversity and liveliness of the landscape. Winter Interest:Distinctive, ribbon-like flowers appear in winter, adding a unique touch to the landscape during an otherwise less colorful season. These spidery blooms can withstand light frosts, offering an enchanting sight in colder climates. Versatile Uses: Beyond standalone plantings, this shrub can be incorporated into mixed borders, woodland gardens, or naturalized areas. Its adaptability allows it to blend seamlessly with other plants and design elements. In conclusion, witch hazel is valuable to any landscape design, offering four-season interest, privacy screening, pollinator support, erosion control, and low maintenance. Its unique beauty and ecological contributions make it a sought-after shrub for enhancing outdoor spaces. By incorporatingthis shrub into landscaping plans, homeowners and landscape designers can create visually appealing and ecologically friendly gardens that stand out every season. Get Yours Today From TN Nursery This green-leafed shrub blooms with bright yellow flowers between October and December. The ribbon-like yellow petals usually appear after the leaves have fallen but sometimes will appear while the oval-shaped yellow autumn leaves still cling to the branches. It also has fruits that will form from fertilized flowers. They first appear as green capsules but then turn brown over time. Its scientific name is because this shrub’s flowers, fruits, and leaves can all appear on its branches simultaneously. Hamamelis loosely translates as “together with fruit.” Its hardy nature makes it an easy-to-grow shrub. Because of this, it is trendy amongst gardeners as a shrub hedge or screen. Its fragrant flowers often lead to it being grown in an area where its pleasant scent is noticeable. It is often the last bit of color in a garden due to its late bloom. The Shrub Thrives In Most US Zones This shrub can be planted successfully in U.S.D.A. zones 3 to 9. It requires a lot of sunlight and does best in full sun or partial shade. Flowering will peak in full sun. It does well in moist, acidic soil and can handle heavy clay soil. The height increases by 13 to 24 inches yearly, giving it a slow to medium growth rate. Pruning can be done in early spring to keep the shrub from growing that large if preferred. This plant requires little maintenance to flourish and rarely has insect or disease problems. Witch hazel has a broad, rounded leaf arranged in an alternating pattern along the branches. The flowers are also noteworthy in appearance with slender petals. Some bloom in spring while others counter that, and the plant can showcase its cycle between seeding and blooming, such as the snapping hazel with seeds that split in a manner that ejects the seeds to a sufficient distance of nearly 30 feet. The sunny yellow flowers of this shrub add a glow of happiness to yards and gardens. The delightful fragrance of those flowers creates an even more cheerful atmosphere. It is so easy to care for that it is an excellent fit for even the hands-off gardeners.

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Viburnum Dentatum - TN Nursery

Viburnum Dentatum

Viburnum dentatum a deciduous shrub native to North America, featuring attractive clusters of white flowers, vibrant blue-black berries, and toothed leaves, making it a versatile and popular choice for hedges and wildlife gardens. Viburnum Dentatum earned its name because the inhabitants of the areas where it grew used the branches to create arrows in past centuries. The deciduous shrub's straight branches made it an ideal choice for that purpose. The Aesthetic Attributes Of Viburnum Dentatum The shrubs produce small clusters of white flowers that are about 4 inches wide, and they start appearing in the spring. Also, they produce small fruits as the summer progresses. Although it can expand as tall as 15 feet, it often stands under 10 feet in height. Its impressive size makes it a great shrub for hedgerows. Many people plant arrowwood shrubs individually in their yards or gardens. However, they are also popular choices to adorn the shores of creeks or ponds. The Sophisticated Beauty Of The Beautiful Shrub This rounded shrub has a graceful, elegant appearance. The branches and twigs have a grayish-brown color and are slender. With their ridges, they add a touch of rustic appeal. Greenish-brown buds create a contrast that commands attention. Its white flowers are delicate and look stunning against its colorful leaves. The toothed edges of the leaves give the plant the dentatum part of its name. Although they start with a green hue, they gradually turn yellow and red as the seasons change. During the summer, the bluish-black fruits add even more beauty. For anyone who enjoys a colorful landscape, this type of shrub does not disappoint. Additional Benefits Shopping At TN Nursery In addition to the aesthetic benefits of this shrub, there may be health benefits for some. It is also a great choice for people who want to attract wildlife. Several types of songbirds enjoy the fruit, and some animals eat the twigs and leaves. Since the flowers have nectar, they are helpful to bees. Butterflies are also attracted to the flowers. It is a great example of nature's profound beauty and its ability to change. It is a great choice for anyone because of its ecological, aesthetic, and other potential benefits.

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Pink Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Pink Crepe Myrtle

Pink Crepe Myrtle is a deciduous shrub or small tree with vibrant, pink crepe-paper-like flowers and smooth, cinnamon-colored bark. It is often used for ornamental landscaping. With its captivating beauty and versatile characteristics, it offers many advantages when incorporated into landscaping endeavors. Its unique attributes provide a harmonious blend of aesthetic, ecological, and practical benefits, making it a cherished choice among landscape designers and homeowners. The pink crepe myrtle is a beautiful addition to any yard thanks to its large, colorful blooms and standout look. This deciduous tree grows well in a variety of conditions, making it well-suited for enhancing aesthetics in many yards. If you decide to plant this distinctive tree in your yard, you can enjoy several exciting benefits. What are these benefits? Vibrant Colors Of The Pink Crepe Myrtle Its long-lasting blooms cover most of the surface area of the leafy branches, which can grow up to 15 feet in diameter, making this colorful tree a focal point in the yard. The flowers' colors range from baby rose to fuchsia, carnation, hot, and other rosy shades. In addition, the slightly rounded leaves are deep green, and the bark has a pinkish-gray hue. The bark is generally smooth and mottled, which adds to its fascinating look. Enhance Pollination With TN Nursery Many types of plants rely on pollinating insects and birds. The flowers on this tree have a strong fragrance. In addition, the bark emits sap, and these two elements combine to attract up to 30 pollinator species to the yard. Pollinators are beneficial insects and birds that have a solid impact on the overall health of your yard’s small ecosystem. Diminished Pests With This Shrub  Many of the birds and insects that are drawn to these trees are beneficial in other ways. For example, these bugs and birds often feast on the various damaging pests in a yard. By managing the population of unwanted pests, your plants can enjoy an overall healthier environment. More Privacy Is Available Many homes are built close to each other, allowing direct views from the windows and porches of one house to those of another. This lack of privacy erodes the comfortable living experience in the home. Crepe Myrtle trees often grow up to 20 feet tall and have dense, bushy branches. When the tree is in full bloom, it may be impossible to see through the flowers and branches. Because the tree grows well above the height of a privacy fence, privacy reaches a new level.

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