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Crepe Myrtle and Why You Should Plant Them in Your Garden

Crepe myrtles, also known as Lagerstroemia indica, are popular in gardens for their paper-like petals that resemble crepe and beautiful bark. These trees or shrubs love full sun and well-drained soil, with a growth rate that can reach 6 to 30 feet high, depending on the variety chosen. They bloom from July to September with showy flowers in various colors: red, pink, white, and fuchsia. 

Crepe myrtles can be used as hedges, privacy screens, or street trees. They attract bees and other pollinators and protect birds. These plants are generally resistant to deer, drought, and pollution. In terms of zones, they can grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 6-9.

If you're considering a crepe myrtle for your garden, here are four benefits you can expect. With proper maintenance on your end, you should notice these results:

Crepe Myrtle Trees Have Beautiful Flowers

Opt for red or white blooms. In certain soil conditions, the red blooms can take on a more pink appearance, even almost resembling a fuchsia hue. If you're looking for beautiful bright color, you will love the red blooms. White flowering crepe myrtles create a cleaner and more polished look in your yard.

Add the beautiful crepe myrtle trees to either commercial or residential properties to improve curb appeal. Their colorful, full blooms also look lovely next to driveways and pools. No matter where you place a crepe myrtle, look forward to many years of vibrant foliage each summer.

Crepe Myrtle Can Help Lower Your Energy Bills!

Yes, crepe myrtles can reduce energy bills! When planted next to commercial and residential properties, the branches from these trees and their blooms provide a lot of shade, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by buildings, therefore lowering cooling and heating costs.

Medicinal Benefits of the Crepe Myrtle

The crepe myrtle tree can also improve your health. 

These trees contain compounds that can help prevent cancer cell growth and maintain bone health. The antioxidants and flavonoids present in crepe myrtle contribute to its anti-cancer properties, while the plant's rich mineral content supports bone strength and density.

If you grind the crepe myrtle flowers, you can apply them to minor burns or cuts for immediate relief. If you want to look deeper into chemistry, you can learn how to boil the flowers and use the resulting oil to treat the common cold!

Crepe myrtles have been linked with abilities to combat kidney issues, obesity, and symptoms associated with diabetes. Crepe myrtle is also used traditionally to address digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea, and urinary conditions.

The plant's compounds can help prevent premature aging, lower blood cholesterol levels, and aid in maintaining a healthy heart.

Crepe Myrtle Trees Are Perfect for Bird Watching

During summer and into early fall, you can expect to see crepe myrtle blooms most of the time. You have even more reasons to consider crepe myrtles if you are a bird lover.

The nature unfolding doesn't come to an end in colder months, so birds typically love to feast on the crepe myrtle tree's seeds each winter. Cardinals, finches, juncos, and sparrows are known to feed off of crepe myrtles.

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Red Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Red Crepe Myrtle

Red Crepe Myrtle has clusters of rose flowers that provide a burst of shade to the landscape and draw pollinators such as butterflies and bees, promoting a healthy ecosystem. As the seasons change, the plant's foliage transitions from green to shades of orange and rose, adding further visual interest. Red Crepe Myrtle is a distinctive, deciduous tree that is often easy to identify thanks to its individualized and captivating aesthetics. While they are available in a variety of flower colors, the crimson blooms stand apart with stunning flair. The tree thrives in areas ranging from the Arizona desert to the coastal Atlantic states from Florida to Massachusetts. Why should you consider planting this tree in your yard? Bring Pollinators to Your Yard With Red Crepe Myrtle It emits fragrant tree sap. This sap, as well as the blooms, draws bees and roughly 30 other insect species to your yard. These beneficial insects act as pollinators for the other plants in your garden. In addition, beautiful birds are drawn to both the tree and the insects that are attracted to it, making the tree a vital part of a healthy ecosystem on your property. While they attract insects, these are generally beneficial insects that feed on other pests. By drawing these useful insects to your yard, you can dramatically and naturally reduce the number of unwanted and harmful bugs that otherwise may thrive in the space.  the High Of The Red Crepe Myrtle They are trees that generally have multiple trunks that fan outward. While there are different varieties of these trees that grow to different heights, they generally reach 10 to 20 feet tall with wide branch coverage that spans 15 feet. The trees grow up to three feet each year, making them well-suited for bolstering privacy. While the trees look lovely standing in the middle of a yard, many people choose to grow them along a fence line to take advantage of their foliage. The Unique Bark of The Red Crepe Myrtle Red Crepe Myrtle has smooth bark that is usually pinkish-gray. The green leaves are typically small and oval-shaped, and they turn gorgeous shades of orange and yellow in the fall before falling off for the winter. The petals have a crimped look that makes the flowers look full. The yellow centers stand beautifully apart from the crimson petals.

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Twilight Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Twilight Crepe Myrtle

Twilight Crepe Myrtle, or Lagerstroemia indica, is known for its stunning dark purple foliage and vibrant pink to lavender flowers, which add a striking contrast to garden landscapes. It is a popular choice in landscaping due to its numerous benefits and aesthetic appeal. This deciduous shrub, renowned for its stunning flowers and vibrant foliage, brings a range of advantages to outdoor spaces.   Twilight Crepe Myrtle, also known as Lagerstroemia indica, is a tree with gorgeous purple flowers. Its distinctive trunk makes it easy to use as a living fence for your yard. Twilight Crepe Myrtle Is A Perfect Size The highlight of this 20-foot-tall tree is its flowers. They stay in bloom for longer than most other trees, which makes them a favorite of those who adore floral accents in their yard. They have crimped petals, and each panicle grows to approximately 3 1/2 inches. Each flower is attached to five others, thereby creating six parts. Twilight Crepe Myrtle Blooms For Months The flowers typically last from July through September. After which, brown dehiscent fruits appear in a six-valved capsule. Once a capsule falls to the ground, it splits open to help more trees grow. The bark of these trees exfoliates to reveal multiple shades of gray and brown. When you combine this with the rarity of how long they bloom, you have an eye-catching tree that draws people's attention. The leaves can grow in three patterns: whorls, alternate or opposite. Either way, they grow in groups of three. In autumn, the leaves will change to a stunningly brilliant red. By then, the flowers are gone, leaving only the fall leaves to brighten your yard. Fortunately, the entire process starts again in the spring, so you'll enjoy gorgeous purple or red colors throughout most of the year. Twilight Crepe Myrtle Creates A Homes for Birds  Another good reason you'll want to consider planting them is that they provide the perfect natural habitat for wrens and songbirds. Therefore, if you've ever wanted to experience a nest up close, this tree will make your wish come true. Twilight Crepe Myrtle also provides any lawn with a lot of vertical interest, which gives it fantastic curb appeal. The best presentation is typically in a triangular pattern with three trees, which takes advantage of the tree's rather unusual shape. Rather than having one simple trunk, they spread out into many branches from a low-lying, close to the ground level, creating even more visual appeal.

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Muskogee Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Muskogee Crepe Myrtle

Muskogee Crepe Myrtle is a striking deciduous shrub or small tree with vibrant lavender-pink flowers and smooth, cinnamon-colored bark. It adds a burst of color and elegance to gardens and landscapes. This famous ornamental tree offers many benefits when incorporated into landscaping designs. With its stunning visual appeal, adaptability, and ease of maintenance, it has become a favored choice for many landscapers and homeowners alike.  Muskogee Crepe Myrtle Is A Great Choice For Homeowners  The Muskogee Crepe Myrtle is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to add interest, texture, and color to their landscape. Each tree has smooth, brown stems that fan out into a vase shape. The branches contain even rows of oval leaves in a beautiful deep green shade. These attractive colors and textures become even more exciting when this tree blooms with lavender flowers. Its vibrant look will surely draw the eye wherever you plant this beautiful tree. Starting in spring, these trees begin to produce cone-shaped bunches of flowers. Each flower cluster consists of several small, individual, pinkish-purple petals with a crinkled appearance similar to tissue paper. After going through their flowering season, these trees produce clumps of berries that add even more visual interest to the tree. Clumps of small, round berries on the end of each branch gradually transform from shiny, green berries to brown, serrated seed pods. This tree's flowering and berry-producing seasons can last several months because it produces new flowers regularly. Explore the Many Ways to Garden With Muskogee Crepe Myrtle These trees have endless purposes throughout the landscape. A tidy row of them can be a lovely way to border a walkway or fill in narrow strips of land. Standalone versions can be a focal point on a lawn and look great, bordered with other flowers or decorative grasses. You can even use clusters of these trees to create a hedge that provides privacy and shade. The Versatile and Appealing Shape of Muskogee Crepe Myrtle Muskogee Crepe Myrtle comes in many shapes and sizes. Some landscapers keep it as a compact bush, while others let it soar to 30 feet or more. Those who prefer a classic tree shape can choose a single-trunk variant, while people who like a denser look can select a multi-stem style. Whatever its height and branch arrangement, this tree's crown tends to spread out into a horizontal, oval shape with densely packed leaves and branches.

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Pink Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Pink Crepe Myrtle

Pink Crepe Myrtle is a deciduous shrub or small tree with vibrant, pink crepe-paper-like flowers and smooth, cinnamon-colored bark. It is often used for ornamental landscaping. Its captivating beauty and versatile characteristics offer many advantages when incorporated into landscaping endeavors. Its unique attributes provide a harmonious blend of aesthetic, ecological, and practical benefits, making it a cherished choice among landscape designers and homeowners. Thanks to its large, colorful blooms and standout look, the pink crepe myrtle is a beautiful addition to any yard. This deciduous tree grows well in various conditions, making it well-suited for enhancing aesthetics in many yards. If you plant this distinctive tree in your yard, you can enjoy several exciting benefits. What are these benefits? Vibrant Colors Of The Pink Crepe Myrtle Its long-lasting blooms cover most of the surface area of the leafy branches, which can grow up to 15 feet in diameter, making this colorful tree a focal point in the yard. The flowers' colors range from baby rose to fuchsia, carnation, and hot and rosy shades. In addition, the slightly rounded leaves are deep green, and the bark has a pinkish-gray hue. The bark is generally smooth and mottled, which adds to its fascinating look. Enhance Pollination With The Pink Crepe Myrtle Many types of plants rely on pollinating insects and birds. The flowers on this tree have a strong fragrance. In addition, the bark emits sap, and these two elements combine to attract up to 30 pollinator species to the yard. Pollinators are beneficial insects and birds that have a solid impact on the overall health of your yard’s small ecosystem. Many birds and insects drawn to these trees are beneficial in other ways. For example, these bugs and birds often feast on the various damaging pests in a yard. By managing the population of unwanted pests, your plants can enjoy an overall healthier environment. More Privacy Is Available With Pink Crepe Myrtle Many homes are built close to each other, allowing direct views from the windows and porches of one house to those of another. This lack of privacy erodes the comfortable living experience in the home. Pink Crepe Myrtle trees often grow up to 20 feet tall and have dense, bushy branches. When the tree is in full bloom, it may be impossible to see through the flowers and branches. Because the tree grows well above the height of a privacy fence, privacy reaches a new level.

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