Black Pine Tree

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Black Pine Tree

Adequately named for its grey-black plated bark, the Black Pine has bright green foliage that provides a spectacular visual. The needles form in bunches of two and grow to be 3-5 inches long. The terminal buds have a grey-white color and scaley tips. The orange-yellow branches grow loosely, giving the tree a slightly obscured appearance. By the time the Black Pine is five years of age, it is producing 2-3 inch long brown cones. In the most optimal environment, the Black Pine can grow to be one-hundred feet in height. However, in a coastal region, the tree will usually only grow to be twenty feet in height. 

Despite the lack of growth, the Black Pine makes a valuable addition to coastal environments. Because of the tree's resilience, it can withstand salt-spray better than any native pine. Thus, making the Black Pine a valuable addition to coastal habitats. It is also resistant to drought and can survive in a variety of different soils. Thus, making the Black Pine easier to grow and adapt. If cared for properly the tree can grow 12-18 inches a year. 

In the past, Black Pine was a favorite in coastal regions. Though the popularity has died down, it is still a valuable addition to coastal habitats. It has also become common among street-side landscaping and plantations because it provides shade and nutrients to various wildlife. 

Black Pines typically grow in loamy to sandy soils with medium fertility and mild acidity. For the best chance at survival, choose a 2-3-year-old sapling grown in a container. Dig a hole that is 2-3 times larger than the container, backfill with peat moss, and mix with sand. Place the sapling in the hole, then continue to backfill around the roots with soil. When finished, give the sapling the appropriate amount of water.

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