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Trees are gorgeous, they help the environment, and can make any yard or park look extravagant. There are some types of trees that you may find better than others. Maple trees, oak trees, red maple, dogwood trees, and flowering trees are just five of the many different breeds of trees.

Oak trees are widespread, mainly because there are many different types of oak. They can be grown all over the United States, though they tend to become better in a bit warmer climates. Oak trees can adapt to many different types of soil, and take 20 to 30 years to build to a full height of 45 meters. Because of this height, many people enjoy oaks for shade.

Red maple is also known as the soft maple tree. They are most common in the central part of the United States and has the enormous amount of any trees native to the country. These trees display beautiful red or yellow leaves in the fall and red stems in the winter. Red maple can reach full size anywhere between 10 and 30 years after being planted.

There are over 50 unique species of Dogwood trees, and each one of them could be a different color, with different blossoms and berries. They make great garden pieces and are extremely vibrant. Dogwood trees also don’t take a lot of work to keep around.

A fun fact about maple trees is that many of the 128 species are native to Asia. Their scientific name is “acre,” which is where we get the measurement from. Maple trees, like red maples, can take from 10 years to 30 years to grow to their full height.

Flowering trees can be any tree that has flowers. For example, many types of dogwood are flowering trees. Little poncho dwarf dogwood is one of my favorite models, full of green leaves and elegant white flowers.