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What are the Best Selling Trees & Shrubs?  

Best selling trees? Well, we sell a lot, and trees are the primary staples in landscaping. Every day, people decide personal preferences that sometimes lead analytics buffs to crunch numbers and determine which items sell the best. Some trees and plants seem more popular than others. The reasons why our nursery sells one type of tree more than another remains something of a mystery.

But just like more people like chocolate ice cream slightly more than vanilla, we have ranked the best-selling trees according to the preferences of our community members. As experienced nursery professionals, we would like to offer these thoughts about why our valued customers seem to like these following trees the most.

What are the Best Selling Shade Trees?

Property owners seem to have a propensity for buying trees that provide shade. Best-selling shade trees include the most commonly grown variety in all of North America — Maple trees. The Red Maple outpaces others without question because it checks boxes that include shade, iconic fall foliage, proliferates, and fits nicely into suburban front yards. Other varieties also enjoy the best-selling status, such as the Silver and Sugar Maple trees.

In terms of delivering wide-reaching shade, the American Beech spreads to 40 feet, and native Sycamores produce long branches that create upwards of 70 feet in width. Both offer eye-catching foliage as well as protection from UV rays. But one may still wonder, why doesn’t the lush iconic Weeping Willow Tree replace them all for shade benefits? Weeping Willows also rank among the best-selling shade trees.

What are the Best Selling Flowering Trees?

One might expect that White Flowering Dogwoods would top any analytics-based platform in terms of the best-selling flowering trees. These classic landscaping ornamental trees indeed lead a group of lovely flowering trees. They can also grow at a rapid 2 feet per year. The white or pink blooms indicate spring’s arrival. Yet, Dogwoods are not alone in the best-selling flowering tree category.

Shrubs such as Crepe Myrtle Plants usher in vibrant pink blooms, and Redbud trees produce a beautiful lavender flower. Sassafras trees may be more well-known for making tea from the roots, but they offer subtle yellow-orange flowers. Sassafras also tends to deliver gorgeous fall foliage as well.

What are the Best Selling Evergreens?

Year after year, evergreens remain a community favorite and play vital roles in reforestation and landscaping. Varieties such as the Loblolly pine tree persists as a timber harvesting darling. The same holds for Yellow Pine, Ponderosa Pine, and Cedar Trees, among others. Mass purchases for essential reforestation after logging certainly ramps up the best-selling metrics.

By that same token, pine trees enjoy landscaping uses such as creating privacy rows, defining property lines, and standalone accent greenery that lasts all year. Some people want something green to go with their ice cream. Perhaps that promptly the invention of mint chocolate chip?

What are the Best Selling Exotic Fruit Trees?

It may surprise area residents to discover that at least one exotic fruit tree can thrive on your property. Paw Trees typically succeed in the temperate Southern climate, even though winter can be a tad chilly. They bear delicious fruit, deep purple flowers, and flourish in total shade spaces. The fruit tastes like a blend of mango and banana, which explains how it earned a best-selling list.

Other Best Selling Trees & Plants Worth Considering

Although we’ve discussed the best-selling trees in the context of mostly chocolate and vanilla ice cream, gourmet and creative frozen treats appear more diverse and widespread than ever before. The same holds about the best-selling trees, shrubs, and plants.

Varieties such as the Box Elder may not grow in 50 percent of the local landscapes, but they enjoy enough inherent elegance and lovely fall foliage to be a personal favorite. The Tulip Poplar Tree may not surpass Red, Silver, and Sugar Maples in North America. Still, more than a few people sip a beverage on a relaxed fall afternoon and revel at the Tulip Poplar’s fantastic fall leaves. Perhaps the key takeaway when considering best-selling trees, shrubs, and plants stem from the fact that others are purchasing them at a high rate because they meet space, landscape, and personal preferences on a wide scale. They also must flourish in the area, or fewer people would select them.

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