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If you’re wondering where to buy cheap trees online then you’ve come to the right place. We have a great range of trees for sale that can provide welcome shade, add a splash of color and save you money, and you can buy them all at great, low, grower prices.

With so many plants to choose from though, we know it can be hard to make a choice. That’s why we put together this page full of our best-selling trees. 


No one wants to buy a dud tree and one way to avoid doing so, is to ask other people for their recommendations. But going through pages of customer testimonials is not a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Instead, why not choose one of our most popular trees which are listed on this page.

You see, trees become popular because they look great and are easy to care for. That means if you make a purchase from the best-selling plants listed on this page, you can be sure that lots of people think the species/variety you choose is great. So buying a tree from this page is a great way of ensuring you chose a quality tree without having to trawl through hundreds of reviews.

Make a statement with one of our most popular best selling trees

Trees make wonderful specimen plants and focus points and you can make sure you’re drawing attention to a trendy tree by purchasing one of our best-selling trees. You might also like to consider buying one of our lovely edible trees to make a statement that you can eat as well.

Beautiful trees provide welcome shade

One of the primary reasons people purchase trees is to provide shade. Our most popular plants include deciduous and evergreen trees, so if you choose a shade tree from us, you can tailor the shade in your garden according to your unique needs.

Affordable trees can reduce your energy bill

And speaking of shade trees, many of our most popular deciduous shade species can be used to reduce the amount of energy a building uses. All you have to do is carefully position one or more of these popular, deciduous trees so that they shade your building during summer and let light through in winter. And of course, only use your heating and cooling when it’s too uncomfortable not to do so.

Hardy trees can help protect your property from fire

Many of the trees in this best-selling trees list are fire retardant. Such trees can prevent burning embers from igniting in your home or office and they can protect your buildings from the radiant heat given off by a wildfire front.

Evergreen trees can give you much-needed privacy

If you’re looking for trees with which to make a privacy fence, we’ve got a great selection of suitable species in our most popular plant list. For instance, our highly popular spruces and pines will provide privacy year-round. Many species can even grow tall enough to provide privacy from neighboring two-story buildings.

Gorgeous plants for color

If you’re looking for long-lived plants that produce vibrant color for decades, then check out the popular deciduous and flowering trees on this page. There are lots of maples, which become vividly red in fall just before they lose their leaves, and there are also some really popular flowering trees in the list like our cheerful mimosa trees.

Pro tip:

If you’ve got a small growing space, choose dwarf varieties or plant tall-growing trees close together to limit their final size.

So if you want to get your hands on one of our most popular trees, all the trees in this list are a tried and true favorites. 

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