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Purchase Best Sellers-Shrubs which are the most popular shrubs sold at TN Nursery

Shrubs are a vital element in all but the tiniest landscapes. They provide year-round interest and add height and dimension and may be used as feature plants. But what shrubs should you choose for your garden? You can’t go wrong with something from this selection of our most popular and best-selling shrubs.

Best Sellers-Shrubs produce the most vibrant colors

If you’re after bright, bold colors we’ve got a range of popular shrubs to suit every color palette from forsythias to hibiscus plants and everything in between. And we’ve got beautiful shrubs that flower in three seasons and in every US state.

Best Sellers-Shrubs are great edible shrubs for low-maintenance food

Growing annual edibles can be time-consuming and may take a lot of hard work. If you don’t have time for that or you just want a few edible plants that don’t need much care then you want edible shrubs. We’ve got obvious choices like the black chokeberry as well as popular plants that many people don’t realize have edible parts like the beautiful and showy hibiscus which produces edible flowers.

We all want great value plants and here at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery we work hard to bring you everyday low grower prices. Our best-selling shrubs start at $10.99 each or you can buy one of our $14.99 range and get one free.

Pro tip:

Choose shrubs with a mix of heights. You’ll fit more plants in and create more interest in your landscape.

So if you want our most popular shrubs at a great price, don’t miss these exclusive deals. These are our best-selling shrubs for a reason so you need to get in quick before this season’s stock is sold. Buy your new favorite shrub now for as little as $10.99.

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