Alisma Subcordatum- Water Plantain

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Alisma Subcordatum- Water Plantain For Sale Affordable Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

This Alisma subcordatum- Water Plantain this aquatic plant is native to the eastern and central parts of the United States, mainly from New England to Georgia. It is also found farther north in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and New Brunswick. Growing to about three to four feet in height, it prefers to establish in mud found in still or slow-moving water. Plants are found commonly in marshes, bogs, shallow lakes, pond margins, low streams, and along the shore of calm rivers. Hardiness zones range from three to eight. Water Plantains prefer full sun but tolerate partial shade. Their preferred habitat includes human-disturbed ditches where moisture accumulates, artificial ponds, and aquatic gardens. Plants thrive in fine soils, loam, clay, and sand. While this new species possesses a high anaerobic tolerance, allowing it to succeed even with low oxygen levels, it is susceptible to drought.

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The active growing season is from Spring to Summer. The green, oval-shaped leaves appear only above the water's surface and cluster at the base of the stem. Leaves are shaped much like the common wild plantain found in lawns and sidewalk cracks. The main stem grows tall with a multi-branched appearance which terminates into a showy flower cluster. The growth rate is moderate, but the plant is slow to regenerate after harvesting. It is not an aggressive spreader. One-inch three-petal white flowers (which appear similar to sprays of Baby's Breath) bloom in late spring, starting in June and up until early October. The inconspicuous brown seeds provide nourishment to several species of waterfowl and game birds.

Water Plantain propagates through moderate seed spread, root extension, and sprigs.


Affordable Alisma subcordatum- Water Plantain For Every Landscape

Water Plantain 

Water plantain is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant that is a member of the genus Alisma. A group of aquatic plants with leaves that either float or submerged under shallow water. Alisma grows still water habitats. These plants are native around the world, nearly worldwide. The water plantain's flowers are hermaphroditic and arranged in panicles, racemes, and umbels. 


 The water plantains Ranging from 0.1 to 1 meter in height, are typically emergent. Their leaves are broad and can be tapered or rounded at the base. Submerged varieties have ribbon-like leaves. Flowers may be white or pink and typically bloom from May to early September, depending on the variety. 


 Water plantains prefer wet soil. Therefore, they typically found in saturated soils and shallow water. Wooded swamps, shrub swamps, and flooded farmland are examples of environments in which they usually grow. 


 The water plantain's impact on culture can be seen in Gothic architecture. John Ruskin, a nineteenth-century believed the curve of the leaf-ribs of the Alisma represents a mode of "divine proportion." As a result, the water plantain's appearance helped shaped Ruskin's theory of Gothic architecture. Irish lore dictates that the Alisma can be used to ward off fairies.


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