Warm Season Perennials

Warm Season Perennial Garden Choices


Tn Nursery's Warm Season Perennial Plants Adds Color & Beauty Plus Curb Appeal to Your Gardens, Containers, Outdoor Flower Boxes, and Patio Planters

Whether you are an avid novice gardener or a beginner, Tn Nursery has affordable, warm weather perennials to fit your specific planting needs plus fast and free shipping on orders $99 or more. We ship plants to all states.

 Warm Season Perennial Favorites Include:

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Orange Daylily Plants are a perennial plant and one of the most popular flowers in the United States. These plants can be found across all 50 states and Canada, and they grow best in zones 3-8. You can plant them in any soil, but they prefer sandy, well-drained soil. These plants do not take up a lot of space when planted, but they need ample sunlight to thrive!

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Looking for the perfect groundcover for your garden, but those pesky weeds are just taking over? Ajuga reptans (also known as carpet bugle) is the plant for you! This flowering and evergreen, low-growing groundcover can be used in any garden, from a balcony to a big sloping lawn. It grows up to 12" and has beautiful lavender blooms in spring, and burgundy leaves all year long.

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If your garden demands perennials that thrive in the shade and provide a beautiful show of color, then Virginia bluebells are perfect for you! These perennials and low maintenance and easy to grow, and they provide continuous color all year long. They're perfect for small spaces, and they can be planted in groups, borders, or as ground cover.

Red Cardinal Flowers

The red cardinal flower is a favorite among hummingbirds and is a wetland perennial with vibrant red blooms in the spring and summer. The flowers can be planted in water or on the regular ground to grow well. It is known for having glossy foliage and blooms that are both showy and fragrant.

Blue Lobelia

Fill your garden with the lovely beauty of blue lobelia plants. These shade-thriving perennials are a favorite for many homeowners due to their minimal water requirements and prolific blooms. This plant is a popular due to it's deep blue stalky blooms. Grown in shady spots, it's a favorite because it has beautiful blue flowers and is easy to grow.

Sweet Betsy Trillium

Sweet Betsy trillium (cuneatum) has a curious common name of wood lily. It is mainly called this because it has beautifully mottled leaves. This perennial is spring flowering, a woodland plant native to the northern part of the United States.


Tn Nursery has made it easy for you to choose the type of plants you want, by placing plants into categories like Sun, Shade and Easy to Grow. Choose Below The Type Plants That Best Suits Your Needs:


Do you have that shaded area that you need something planted in but find it difficult to find plants for shade? Now you have a great selection of plants perfect for areas of shade ready to ship to your door. Tn Nursery makes it easy to find perfect plants for any location.


Most perennials thrive in areas of shade but at Tn Nursery we have a nice selection of perennials that will not only survive but thrive in sunny areas. Tn Nursery will ship your plants right to your door.


Do you not have a green thumb? No problem! Tn Nursery has a wide selection of easy to grow plants including perennials that are not only easy to grow but low maintenance also. Buy today for fast and affordable shipping. Dont forget! Spend $99 and get free shipping.


Wildflowers are easy to grow, low maintenance and super vibrant plants that will accent your garden perfectly. They come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes.


Do you love watching monarchs and butterflies? It's therapeutic and research has proven it's great therapy just like watching birds. Buy your favorite plants to attract butterflies at Tn Nursery and you will have butterflies this summer!


Buy hardy perennials that grows almost anywhere you plant them at Tn Nursery. No matter what type soil or drainiage you have, hardy varieties work perfect anywhere you plant them at.


Our Customer's Favorites include: 


Daffodils are one of spring's first blooming perennials. They rebloom all spring and summer long and have deep yellow blooms and grow to near 12 inches in height.


Want to attact hummingbirds? The trumpet vine plant is a hummigbird's favorite treat. They will vine and grow around fences, terllis' or porch posts. They also have long lady finger deep orange blooms in mid summer.


Want a slpah of color in your flowerbed or garden? Tn Nursery has put together a collection of 25 of the most colorful and amazing perennials in this grab bag for you in an array of colors, shapes and sizes. We choose plants also that will work perfect in your zone


This plant is referred to as the bloodroot plant. The Sanguinaria Canadensis plant is a low lying ground cover that has delicate white blooms in early to mid spring. Native Indians used the root of these plants for war paint for rituals.


Garden phlox also known as tall phlox is a beautiful carpet like groundcover perennial plant. It is also low maintenance and adorns hillsides and sunny areas with color all summer long.


The hardy geranium plant blooms in early sping and continues to bloom into mid summer. Bloom colors is lavender-purple and they are one of the most popular of all perennail plants for shade areas and can withstand filtered sun.


Small Area Gardening Ideas & Tips For Warm Season Perennials

Window boxes are a great way to maximize small spaces, such as balconies and patios. They also allow you to plant flowers that require lighter, such as geraniums. Patio containers are often used for plants that need water - think impatiens and red cardinal flowers. Decorative porch containers are also attractive to use for planting perennials in for complete sun varieties as well. Perennials are low maintenance, and most are easy, and it is unnecessary to replant them every year.


 Reasons You Should Plant Warm Season Perennial Plants

Planting perennials is a great way to have a beautiful garden. Many plants can be used for gardens, in containers or plant boxes, but none is as lovely as perennials. It's essential to know the warm-season perennial plants from those that need cold weather.

Some warm-season perennials can provide color in different seasons, whereas other perennials will only bloom during the spring and summer months. When planning a perennial garden, deciding on the type of plants for your garden is essential. Your first objective is to know how you want your garden's appearance during different seasons.


Mulching also helps the soil retain its nutrients and moisture while reducing erosion of the soil's surface. Another essential technique is using herbicides sparingly! Herbicides should only be used when necessary to help keep your garden free from weeds.


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