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Sweet Betsy Trillium $5.99 Description

Sweet Betsy Trillium 

Sweet Betsy trillium (cuneatum) has a curious common name of wood lily. It is mainly called this because it has beautifully mottled leaves. This perennial is spring flowering, a woodland plant native to the northern part of the United States and found in a few locations around Asia. Some of these plants have bright flowers with variegated leaves, while others have fresh green and white flowers. 

It emerges from an underground rhizome, a stout, unbranched, stripped stem and rises to a size of 10-12" in height, and is topped with ovate egg-shaped leaves. Each leaf is mottled with irregular gray-green blotches.

From the center of the leaf, whorl appears a single sessile, three-petalled, maroon flower during the period of early March or late May. Flower color is often variable, sometimes appearing yellowish-bronze or reddish-green. The flowers have a particular innate fragrance, as imagined by some people to be reminiscent of bananas.

Sweet Betsy Trillium is also known as Toad Trillium or whippoorwill flower

Additional common names of this plant include Toad trillium or whippoorwill flower. It gets the name 'Toad' from camouflage-looking spots on the leaves. These plants are considered to be low maintenance and easy to grow. This plant is a perennial that grows in shady areas. Low-growing perennials love the shade, drained soil, and leaves mulch. They are native to the piedmont or mountains of North Carolina south and down to Mississippi. In nature, you can find it in upland woods, rich soils of cove forests, moist slopes, and bottomlands in partial to full shade. All trillium species belong to the Liliaceae family with unbranched leaves.

Their vigorously growing nature will form clumps leading to a beautiful carpeting effect. To best integrate any number of sessile trilliums into your garden landscape, how will the plants' color and size blend into the flower scape to formulate lines, borders, and accents? The overall composition can unify or harmonize the scene. 

These are non-toxic species of plants; the skin absorbs all their toxicity. This species persists in old fields, ditches, and Ordovician limestone soils; it does not suffer from serious pests and disease vulnerabilities. Snails and slugs are the occasional threat to leaf spots. It is one of the most abundant and largest plants on the east coast of the United States. It is somewhat difficult to distinguish from other species due to its features when looking for the plant in the wild. It is a naturally occurring wildflower, i.e., perennial, which means you can enjoy its beauty yearly. This perennial is a bulb at the time of shipment and ready to plant.

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    Posted by Helen Adams on Jan 09, 2022

    This sweet looking perennials are so adorable complementing with few shrubs around my garden. One of my new purchases at TN nursery. They are perfectly packed and shipped with care. Thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Helen on Jan 08, 2022

    I am getting ready for springtime and purchasing these perennial selections in TN nursery was the best decision I made. Just got hold of my orders and many thanks everything is in good condition.


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