Smooth Hydrangea - Arboresence

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Bloom Season
Spring, Summer, Fall,
Bloom Season
Spring, Summer, Fall,
Bloom Season
Spring, Summer, Fall,
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Height At Maturity
Under 10 Feet
Planting Zones 3-7
November Through April
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Sun And Shade, Full Shade,
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Drought Tolerant Plants, Flowering,
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Smooth Hydrangea - Arboresence Description

Smooth Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens)


Smooth Hydrangea: A TN Nursery customer pick, the Smooth Hydrangea, or Hydrangea arborescens, is popular for many reasons. This plant is both cold-hardy and heat-hardy, a perennial that will come back for many years, and has impressive snow-white flowers.


Smooth Hydrangea flourishes in partially sunny conditions and in almost all USDA growing zones.


Smooth Hydrangea is a North American native species from the United States' east coast.


Where to Use Smooth Hydrangea in Your Landscape


Smooth Hydrangea is a highly adaptable plant for many garden applications. Consider using this shrub in these locations::


  •      Along a property line to delineate the border
  •      Mass planting to form a hedge
  •      Pollinator garden (it attracts bees, butterflies, and other insects)
  •      Cutting garden
  •      Cottage garden
  •      Garden border
  •      Fairy garden
  •      Urban garden
  •      Along the sunny bank of a pond or water garden


The Smooth Hydrangea grows anywhere it can get sufficient sunlight, so your only limit is your imagination.


Smooth Hydrangea Does Not Require Too Much Care


Taking care of every hydrangea shrub is easy and takes a minimum time commitment. Here are the things the Smooth Hydrangea shrub will need:


  •      Plant your Smooth Hydrangea in a partial-sun site
  •      Although it loves moisture, it needs good drainage.
  •      Fertilize it twice yearly (early spring and autumn)
  •      Prune to the desired shape; deadhead after blooming
  •      Water it about one inch per week
  •      Provide an inch of mulch to insulate the roots before winter in colder climates.


The Rustic Charm of the Smooth Hydrangea Shrub


The Smooth Hydrangea is a lovely and timeless garden shrub prized for its stunning, snowy-white pompom-shaped flowers. It grows tall and may reach six feet tall and wide if you let it grow wild. . The leaves are dark green, oval, and somewhat rough. The foliage provides the perfect backdrop for the summertime show of substantial white flowers.


The stems are light brown, woody, and sturdy enough to support the prominent pom-pom flower. They shed spent cells, constantly exfoliating--they are smooth textured, giving this shrub its common name.


The flowers are impressively large, measuring about eight inches, each comprising many petite, white disc petals. The flowers last for weeks, emitting a sweet floral scent.


Order Your Smooth Hydrangea From TN Nursery Today


Smooth Hydrangea enjoys wild popularity for its gorgeous flowers and the ability to thrive across many USDA growing zones. Order your shrub from TN Nursery today.











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    Broken box

    Posted by Raplph Lauren on Feb 20, 2016

    The box looked horrible, but to my amazement the plant was still intact, I have it planted and its doing well.


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