NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Perennials For Zone 8

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Perennials For Zone 8

Buy Perennial Plants - Perfect For Zone 8 - Tn Mail Order Nursery

If you are trying to find flowers for your home or garden, you want to find something that is going to add a splash of color. That is why you may be looking for perennials. You have many perennials from which to choose. You have to find perennials that are going to grow well in your climate zone. At Tennessee Nursery, we provide a variety of perennials for zone 8. What are a few examples of perennials that may work well for zone 8? Take a look below!

The Bloodroot is a healing perennial

One of the first perennials for Zone 8 you may want to consider is called Bloodroot. This is a beautiful perennial that looks a lot like lilies you may have seen on the water. There are dark green leaves close to the base of the stem. Then, there is a beautiful white bloom that emits from the top. There is also a splash of yellow at the center of the flower. This is a perennial that likes sunlight. If you water your Bloodroot perennial regularly, it should grow well!

The Black Eyed Susan- A Brilliant Perennial

If you need a perennial that has a lighter color, you may want to take a closer look at the Black Eyed Susan. This is a beautiful flower that sticks straight up in the air. There is a black top from which yellow and orange petals grow. The petals will eventually grow out, looking like little umbrellas in your garden. This perennial can also be a great source of shade for the other plants that may be growing closer to the ground. Consider adding The Black Eyed Susan if you are looking for perennials for zone 8. Its yellow petals and black center will work well with the beautiful landscape you have for your garden.

The Creeping Myrtle

Finally, take a closer look at the Creeping Myrtle. This is a beautiful perennial that will add a splash of violet to your garden. The plant stem has a variety of dark green leaves that eventually lead to a beautiful purple bloom at the top. The center of the bloom is a slightly lighter color, while the petals are dark purple. This plant will gradually spread until it covers most of your garden. If you have a bunch of flowers that are red and blue, the purple will contrast beautifully with your other plants.

Mature Blooming Age Perennials for sale Zone 8 from Tennessee Mail Order Nursery

There are lots of perennials we have that will work well in zone 8. You should switch up the colors from time to time to add a bit of variety to your garden. If you are struggling to decide perennials are going to work well in your garden, our plant experts can help you. At Tennessee Nursery, we have a tremendous amount of experience helping residential and commercial locations find the right flowers for their needs. We are here to help you as well, so contact us today!