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Perennials are sold at mature blooming age

If you’re wondering where to buy cheap perennial plants online, then look no further than Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. We have flowering perennials, foliage plants, herbaceous perennials, tuberous perennials and bulbs, perennials for sun, perennials for shade and more. No matter what your garden situation is, we’ve got perennial plants to suit your needs.

Many of the plants we sell are harvested from our 3500 acres of availability, and we have the best selection of anywhere.

Why Tennessee? It’s the heart of nursery country, and it’s where the best, most robust nursery stock is grown.

All our perennials are propagated from seeds and cuttings that are sourced from across the country. This means our plants have become adapted to the conditions in all parts of the US. We grow and source perennial plants to suit USDA hardiness zones 3-11 — that’s all the ones used in the US. So, no matter where your landscape is located, we can supply you with plants grown specifically for your climate.

Perennial Plants have many different varieties for planting 

Perennial plants for full sun
If your garden gets plenty of suns, then most of our perennials will work well in your garden. Why not try some of our most popular perennial plants or grab yourself a bargain with our perpetual packages. Each package is packed full of excellent perennials that are perfect for your zone.

Shade-loving perennials
If you’ve got a dark patch in your garden, you’ll need some shade-loving perennials. Some of our favorites include foam flowers, purple phacelias, and hostas. If you’re after a real bargain, consider our shade perennials garden collection - 8 pack or shad perennials garden collection - 25 pack.

Stunning perennial flowers for sale

While we sell a selection of beautiful foliage plants (such as our hostas), most of the perennials we stock are flowering perennials. That means our range of perennial flowers is enormous!

Perennial flowers offer so many advantages over annual flowers. For instance, they’re often hardier, require less maintenance and can be more reliable. Of course, the most significant advantage is that you don’t need to replant them each year. And usually, that means they look better every year too.

We have perennial flowers in every color, from the great white trillium to the blue flag iris and everything in between. So, no matter what color scheme you’re working with, we’re sure to have several perennials to match your palette.

We also have deer-resistant flowers, drought tolerant perennials and a great selection of fragrant plants. We do have something for every taste.

Perennials can be purchased online from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

If you’re looking for the best online nursery for perennials, then we believe you’re in the right place. We work hard to bring you perennials that are easy to grow and maintain and which are adapted to your garden conditions regardless of your USDA hardiness zone. And we always strive to do this while keeping low, grower prices.

How can man other online nurseries say the same thing?

Pro tip:
Perennials can be planted all year round, but you’ll get the best results if you plant in autumn and spring.

If you’re transplanting in spring, wait until after your last frost, so your plant has plenty of time to get established before being subjected to harsh frosts. The exception is if the plant you’ve selected needs a lot of moisture. In this case, you may want to plant it earlier and water it whenever there’s a frost. That way it can establish its roots before the weather gets too hot and the soil becomes drier.

If you’re transplanting your new perennials in autumn, do so early in the season, so they have time to settle their roots before frosty weather strikes. All spring-flowering bulbs (including rhizomes) should be planted in autumn unless they need more winter chilling than your climate can provide (in which case, put them in the fridge for a few weeks over winter and plant them late winter or early spring).

So if you want beautiful perennials that will bring your garden to life, our range of perennial plants are easy to grow, easy to maintain and easy to appreciate. Buy yours today from only $4.99 each.