Perennials Have a long lifespan and reproduce from reseeding


Perennials are one of the easiest ways to add vibrant color to your garden with the least demanding care. You also get a far greater value on your plant investment when you compare them to annuals.


Why is that?


Perennials are long-lived species that come back every year without the need to spend extra money every spring. On the other hand, annual species live only for one season. Although annuals include many of your favorite show-off flowers, you can minimize gardening expenses by layering them with perennials.


TN Nursery is one of the country's top providers of perennials. Our customers seek our advice and consider us their first choice for planting needs. That's because we have seventy years of experience growing plants responsibly, sustainably, and in the best health.


We offer dozens of perennials--here are a few of our top-selling categories (although by no means an exhaustive list!).


Sun Perennials


As this category name implies, these plants are sun lovers. While some will adjust to a little bit of filtered sunshine, they primarily require a full sunshine spot to create the best-looking, most abundant blossoms. Some will also work well in a situation with at least six hours of morning sunshine and light shade in the afternoon. Choosing plants based on where you plan to put them will ensure success.


Here are five of our staff picks:

  •      Siberian iris
  •      Bugleweed ajuga
  •      Yellow coneflower
  •      Butterfly weed
  •      Shasta daisy


We have many more sun perennials on our website, so please check them out!


Shade Perennials


Our enormous shade perennials ensure that you have options to add color even to the darkest reaches of your shade garden. Some of our offerings love the entire shade and require little daylight; others will adapt to filtered sunshine. We have something for everyone.


Here are five of our best-selling species:

  •      Twinleaf
  •      Trillium (Varieties we offer: Sweet Betsy, painted, yellow, prairie)
  •      Shooting star
  •      Blue cohosh
  •      Wild geranium


Deer Resistant Perennials


Most gardeners love the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of deer--as long as they stay out of their gardens! Deer are voracious grazers and can completely obliterate your hard work in one evening of snacking.


While no plant guarantees to keep these foragers at bay, some seem to deter them. Deer have a superb sense of smell--a defense mechanism that helps them avoid predators. However, it also appears that they dislike certain flower fragrances.


Try these ideas for a more deer-resistant garden:


  •      Dianthus
  •      Chicory
  •      Evening primrose
  •      Hairy buttercup
  •      Poppy plant



TN Nursery Is Your Best Source for Perennials


We take tremendous care to ensure you receive the healthiest and best bare root selections for your garden. Please order with confidence in our experience

Perennials improve the composition of the soil, unlike annuals, which live for a decade, require very little care and come back every spring. They reproduce by reseeding as well.


Perennial Plant Best Sellers:

1. Ajuga

2. Impatiens Capensis

3. Daisy

4. Trilliums

5. Brown-Eyed Susan


Perennials are plants that live decades. Although their tops often die back after they pass their flowering season, their roots are still very much alive, and they send up shoots the following spring. 


 Perennials provide more than reliable color and beauty. As a primary flower bed plant, they create a root system that helps improve soil structure. When perennials flourish, their roots support healthy soil aeration and improve the water and oxygen delivery system. However, those and other perennial benefits tend to fly under the radar.

That’s large because the average homeowner is focused on the landscape beautification perennials offer. Another reason people visit a Tennessee plant nursery is that perennials reduce the time you spend working in gardens and more time enjoying them. With that in mind, these are practical considerations when selecting perennials at our TN nursey.


Top Perennials To Select At Your TN Nursery

When selecting the best perennials for your gardens, remember that only some species are suitable for the regional climate. Some cannot stand up to winter, and others may wilt under the heat of a Tennessee summer. There is, however, a wide range of perennials that offer everyday people a lifetime of attractive gardens. 

  • Black-Eyed Susans: This native North American flower infuses family gardens with a fetching yellowish-gold that ranks among the standout perennials. They are considered one of the most popular wildflowers and can blanket an area in just a few seasons.
  • Echinacea tennesseensis: Commonly called the “Tennessee Coneflower,” its lush purple-pink petals and distinctive seed center make it another must-have perennial stocked at a TN plant nursery. This variety typically reaches heights of about two feet and thrives in full or partial sun.
  • Shasta Daisies: This European transplant has proven to be a challenging addition to gardens. Its lovely white petals and subtle golden center help soften landscapes and gardens. Home gardeners can anticipate early summer blooms that can run into the fall. Shasta daisies, like pH-neutral soil, reach two to three feet and do well in full or partial sunlight. 
  • Orange Daylily: This perennial favorite has emerged as an iconic flowering plant in home gardens and the wild. Considered an ornamental perennial, its long stem elevates the flower to heights of four feet. Home gardeners often select the Orange Daylily from a plant nursery to contrast white picket fences, provide height at the rear of flower beds, or as a standalone grouping near mailboxes and walkways.

These foundational perennials give gardens a sense of height, making the overall landscape appear robust. It’s also essential to infuse gardens with ground-level perennials such as phlox and mid-sized plants such as the brilliant Red Cardinal Flower, among others.

Perennial Gardening Tip From Your TN Plant Nursery

When organizing your perennial gardens, consider which species are inherently the more aggressive spreaders. For example, Daisies and Black-Eyed Susans can quickly overrun ornamentals and groundcovers. And while contrasting the rich colors of coneflowers side by side can be incredibly inspiring, gardeners may be tasked with ongoing thinning as they thrive. If you consider adding perennials to your property, our TN Nursery has a wide selection, and we are happy to answer any perennial questions.


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