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Perennial Grab Bag 10 Plants $21.99 Description

Perennial Grab Bag 

The perennial grab bag contains different perennials from the favorites for the sunny spots in the gardens and ten gorgeous and healthy plants. These plants attract butterflies and beautiful bees, adding a bonus of lovely views of the landscape.

These plants may be low growing, range to mature heights up to 3 feet, and spread wide around 12 to 24 inches. They provide an enhancing and pleasing vertical effect in the landscape display.

The plants grow into beautiful flowers of different shapes and sizes. The blooming season peaks from spring to fall, but the plant keeps enhancing its beauty for several years. The plants require almost no care in winters too. A few plants require full sun; however, some may grow best in shady areas or both. The plants are topmost selected for the gardens as they bloom throughout the year and for several years without dying. They multiply on their own without requiring any human effort, whereas the annuals die in the winter season. 

Perennial grab bag plants enhance the landscapes as well as provide various advantages

The growing season has your garden lush and full bloomy; providing beautiful landscape perennials is the best choice. Numerous benefits of perennials are noted, out of which the top ones are their longevity of life and low maintenance.

  • These plants keep growing and producing for several years out of the two types of plants, perennials and annuals. When the flower dies, the roots give birth and produce a new crop for the season. In comparison, the annual life span lasts for a year only.
  • The replantation is not to be worried about if you have planted these plants. Once planted and grown, the nutrients are supplied through its roots.
  • They keep growing and spreading on their roots through the soil, absorbing and reserving the efficient nutrients from the soil. The requirements of water and oxygen are fulfilled through the soil.
  • After the plants serve their season, they retain their foliage, providing a cover that protects the soil's moisture from evaporating. It also keeps the soil erosion free from wind and rainfall.
  • The deep in-depth roots of these plants reach down to the soil and bring the nutrients to the access. 

These plants enhance the landscapes as well as provide various advantages. They grow back from their well-drawn roots and live for four to five growing seasons each year. They draw their energy into making their roots stronger instead of investing all the reserves in the flowers like annual plants. The plantation is carried out either by bulbs or seeds. Planting a wide variety of plants gives your garden a full bloom and freshness and is considered to be found extravagantly satisfying and fulfilling.

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Reviews (3)

  • 5

    Posted by Harold Scott on Jan 12, 2022

    Loved the plant selection and they are of high quality indeed

  • 5

    Posted by Emerson Young on Jan 09, 2022

    Planting your vast area with these selection would recreate space like a field of your dreams. This is exactly the feeling i have watching all flourished. I give credit to the technical staff of the TN nursery that coached from the start. Many thanks TN nursery

  • 5

    Posted by Barbara on Jan 08, 2022

    Thank you TN nursery for the deliveries I received today. Everything in the package is in perfect condition. I am excited to have these plants replanted.


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