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Advantages of Perennial Plants

When you are deciding on landscape plants, you want to make sure you choose the right ones for your specific application. Perennial plants grow and bloom for multiple years, providing extended beauty and landscape color. They are typically hardy plants, and often require minimal care and attention to thrive.

More Love, Less Labor in Perennials

Perennials are planted once, but you will enjoy them for years to come. When planted in a suitable location and hardiness zone, these plants come back year after year, often growing bigger and bolder in the process.

If you want to spend more time enjoying the beauty of your garden than cultivating it, perennials can help. They require less water and general care than other plants, making them ideal for the busy gardener who has a long list of tasks. When planned correctly, a perennial garden will provide you with full season color and interest.

Perennially Healthier Gardens

Their extended life cycle allows for complex root systems which help aerate the soil, draw nutrients to the surface, and mitigate soil erosion. Besides, many perennial plants retain their foliage in the winter, which acts as a living mulch layer for other plants. Their structures and seeds can also provide habitats and food for birds and other small animals. This can help encourage beautiful and beneficial wildlife to visit your garden.

We Have a Great Selection of Perennial Plants

Perennials offer a once-and-done option for landscape color and interest. This provides a convenience that shorter-lived plants cannot match. With plants in a variety of sizes and shapes, and suitable for everything from full sun to deep shade, you can be sure to find a permanent collection that is perfect for your garden. Contact us for more information, or to find the ideal landscape plants for your needs.