NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Perennial Plants in your garden

Perennial plants make wonderful flower gardens for many reasons, states Tammy Sons from Tn Nursery, a leading supplier in Tennessee. The first of these is that perennials are perennials, lasting season after season with proper care. How then does one then make a wonderful flower garden out of them? Wonderful flower gardens are made step by step.

Check out your local nursery

The first step to making a wonderful flower garden is to visit the plant nursery store nearest you. Peruse the shelves and benches to see what plants interest you. Be sure to speak with the plant nursery staff for their recommendations of plants for your garden. The staff should know what grows well in your climate and what kind of care each plant requires. Remember to listen to what the staff says to make your selections of perennial plants take home.

While you are in the nursery, be sure to pick up the tools you will need to take care of the plants you just purchased. Among these tools, remember to grab trowels and shovels for digging and gloves for weeding. If the staff told you that some of your plants would require pruning, now is an excellent time to pick those garden sheers as well. Do not forget to grab fertilizer and other soil enrichment products too.

Once you have selected your plants and bought your tools and supplies, it is time to start digging. First, add the soil enrichment products to the soil before you plant your flowers. This step breaks up the soil making it easier for the plants to start strong. Next, plant your plants. Remember to allow each plant room to grow as you plant each one. Over time, perennials keep coming back season after season, reducing the bare spots between each of the plants. Then add some fertilizer and water.

After you have completed planting your flower garden, You will need to water it regularly. In keeping with the advice given when you bought your plants, take care of the flowers in your garden. Some perennials like bushes and trees will need to be pruned in addition to watering and weeding. If these things are true of your plants, remember to allow time to do those chores at the proper times as well.

An adequately maintained perennial flower garden will be a beautiful site for years to come, states Tammy Sons of Garden Delights Nursery, a mail-order perennial shipper. Taking steps to build that garden from the start will help make that flower garden easier to establish. A smartly organized garden will then not only be a beautiful site for years to come but an easily maintained place.

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