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Perennial Plant Sale - Deals affordably For Your Specific Growing Zone from Tn Nursery


Perennial Package Deals 

If you are an eternal lover, you must have noticed how they can prettify your garden all year round and for many decades. You can have blooming perennials consistently if you combine those that bloom at different times of the year. This way, your garden will look spectacular if you mingle them in assorted colors, shapes, sizes, and heights.

Perennial Plant Sale is a Packaged Option to Beautify Your Landscaping and Gardens



If you get your perennials from a trusted source like Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, you will get well-grown plants that suit your zone's climate. You will also be advised on the best perennials to blend to give your garden an envious look.


Here are some great perennial deals that you can take advantage of to spice up your garden:


Sun or Shade Perennial Package for $34.99


In this offer, you will get 15 hand-selected plants right for your zone. They do well under the full shade and full sun exposure. They are drought resistant flowers, which will look excellent as border plants, flower gardens, or gardening plants.


They bloom in spring and summer, growing to a height of 3 feet, and become inactive in winter. We sell dormant plants that have reached their blooming age to pick and plant them at any time of the year.


Perennial Grab Bag for $44.99


We will hand-pick for you 25 plants that are perfect for your zone. We blend vibrant colors for you to ensure your garden always looks striking. The plants grow to about 3 feet and do well when fully exposed to the sun or the shade.


Expect them to bloom in summer and spring. They are excellent for planting on your flower garden and for flowering. Use them on any of your gardening or landscaping project for exceptional results.


Shade Perennial Garden Package for $32.99


These are full shade flowers that attain a 3 feet height. Blooming in summer and spring, they will be perfect for a garden, flowering, or border plants. You will get 15 hand-selected mature plants that will thrive in season. With it, you can create an inviting space with this affordable collection from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.


Perennial Garden Collection for $19.99


There is no more affordable way to divide your perennials than with these garden collections. They will be superb for surrounding your hard to reach areas of the garden, such as your fountain and bridges. They are easy to grow and bloom at different times, ensuring that your garden looks colorful always. We will ship ten individually hand-picked mature plants that suit the climate in your zone with this deal.


Perennial Package for $24.99


This deal comes with five daffodils, five red cardinals, and five crested iris flowers. These varieties are sun and shade flowers that do well as flower garden plants for boarding or flowering. You can also expect them to grow to 3 feet and to bloom in summer and spring. You will enjoy huge discounts if you order more than one Package.


Sun Perennial Package for $34.99


For a collection of full sun perennials, this will be the best choice for you. They will make your garden lavish with brilliant and beautiful colors. Since they bloom in different seasons, your garden will always be multi-colored. You can be sure that we will include 15 hand-selected mature plants for your order. Moreover, we will consider your zone carefully to ensure they bloom when their time comes.


  Tn Nursery has Perennial Plant Sale Deals Ready for Purchase with Fast Shipping and Affordable Rates