NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Mountain mint

Mountain mint is edible if you didn’t already know that. And if you want you can use it raw or cooked it’s up to you whichever one is okay. The taste of the mint is kind of a hot and spicy mint flavor which is oddly satisfying. They use this mint in teas to treat cold sores and coughs and chills. They also use this mint over winds to help clean and dry them out. And to get all the bacteria out of it so it won’t get infected. You can also use it in the bath to help if you have irritated skin or just to relax in the mint smell bath.

You can put the mint in your laundry to keep them fresh and smell minty. Put this mint in your clothes can Also keep the moths away from eating at your cotton. You can sprinkle some on your carpet floor to give your house a sweet mint scent. You can crush the mint and put it on your clothes to help keep the insects off of you. But if you are pregnant, I don’t advise you to use it as it might put harm to your fetus. Mountain mint is the most naturally grown plant to make. As long as it has well-drained soil and if it’s set in the sun. After the plant grows, you can take the extra leave and flower blooms and dry them out for later use. These plants can be used for everything you can think of really so why not get you some today. You can use it as medicine, to keep thing smelling fresh. And to keep bugs and other animals off of you. Hopefully, you will plant your own, so with the extras, you can save next time.

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