Hypnum Sheet Moss

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Sheet Moss- Hypnum Hardy Planting Zones 3-11 Sun or Shade- Part Shade Mature Height- 6"-24" Mature Width- 4"-36" Bloom season- year round Gardener Status- Intermediate
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Hypnum Moss - Hypnum cupressiforme

Hypnum Moss, also referred to as sheet or carpet moss, is a common type of moss, which can be found in every continent, other than Antarctica, and can exist in different climate zones and habitats. Sheet moss is a dioicous moss, meaning it has separate male and female plants, and is small to medium-sized, growing between 2-10 cm long. The plant is aptly referred to as carpet or sheet moss as its creeping stems form dense, yet smooth mats.  The moss has bright green to yellow-green coloring. This moss prefers acidic environments, and can grow on rocks, tree trunks, and other surfaces. The adaptable moss can be transplanted very successfully. Sheet moss is preferred because it is a viable substitute for a grass lawn. Furthermore, sheet moss is also an ideal as a cover between stones and rocks, such as in between patio or stepping-stones, in areas with medium foot traffic. This moss also has the added benefit of acting as a great soil cover and fertilizer. Hypnum Moss prefers shade, but can tolerate partial sunlight. The moss also prefers acidic or sandy soil, and should be planted in the spring. The moss is known to thrive in many hardy zones! Hypnum Moss, also known as sheet moss, feather moss, and many other names, is a fantastic plant with a multitude of pleasing attributes. Hypnum Moss can replace a traditional lawn and requires very little upkeep. Throughout the year it will adjust in color from shades of yellow to deep green. It transplants with ease and suffers very little from shock. It will spread and widen its growth area, with that being said, you can expect this particular moss to grow happily amongst rocks, dirt, logs, and other plant species. When cared for in a garden it adds a spectacular color and addition around or next to any plant variety. The texture of the moss is super soft and gentle on feet. Another name it goes by is Carpet Moss for that particular reason. Hypnum Moss thrives in a partially shaded area, so feel free to plant around the base of plants or in the darker side of your property. The darker parts of the plant are underneath in the roots; they are typically reddish brown in color. The individual blades are more sickle-shaped and taper towards the ends. They are soft and slightly fluffy to the touch and hold onto water very well. During the history of this plant, it was once used as a filling for pillows and mattresses, which lead to the name Hypnum which meant to assist in sleep.

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