Carolina Rose Bush

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Carolina Rose

Landscapes and Gardens: The Carolina Rose Plant
Carolina Rose - Rosa carolina

As a member of the Rosaceae family, the Carolina Rose plant is a deciduous shrub and has five petals, a yellow center and pink flowers that grow in small clusters or individually. As the fruit ripens it changes from dark green to a bright red hue. The flower only blooms in mid-spring. Additional names for it may be low rose or pasture rose. The showy flower has been known to attract butterflies, birds and many species of bees. Although it is a shade tolerant rose, the best growing conditions allow full sun and sandy or rocky, well-drained soil with regular watering. It is drought tolerant though, and highly tolerant to hot, dry weather. It is a glorious hedge plant with glossy, oval-shaped dark green leaves. Be careful as thorns or prickles may be few or numerous on the woody stem. If consuming the edible, fleshy fruit or hip, carefully clean it as it is filled with many seeds and hairs which may cause irritation. Small, cute mammals also enjoy eating the rosehip and may disperse the seeds a great distance. It is fragrant but lightly scented and has a tart taste. Winter may cause the leaves to fall off or continue to cling to the plant but may be withered. The Carolina Rose may occasionally branch or sprawl but mostly tends to grow upright. It usually grows from one to three feet tall. The flower itself is about two and a half to three inches crosswise. It may grow to be six feet tall at maturity and spread to a breadth of ten feet. It is simple and fast to start a new plant with cuttings. Gardens and rose beds adore the softness and pretty pink brightness of the Carolina Rose plant. It is extremely easy to grow. Rock gardens and pond edges are a couple of ornamental areas to place it to maximize it's standout qualities. The charming beauty of this particularly beautiful flower is also great for landscaping. The Carolina Rose adds a bit of light romance and charm to a plain white surface or try mixing it with flowers of differing colors to help it blend artistically with the scenery. Classic authors and poets often write about the beauty and wonder of the rose and there have been many quotes on them. Emily Bronte popularly wrote "Love is like the wild rose."


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