Boston Fern

Boston Fern

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Boston Fern-Nephrolepis exaltata Bostoniensis Hardy Planting Zones- 9-11 Sun or Shade – Full to Partial Shade Mature Height - 24-36" Mature Width- 1-4' Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Boston Fern - Pteridium aquilinum

Boston Ferns consist of long, slender fronds similar to the Sword Fern. They do, however, grow considerably smaller in size than their close cousins. Many growers and gardeners confuse Boston Ferns with the Sword Ferns, and in many areas, domestic Sword Ferns have become an invasive species. They are entirely non-toxic and are even safe for cats to eat, something that contributes to their popular use as a potted fern in indoor gardens. Because they are small, they also work well for lining flower beds and garden paths.   These ferns are very popular when it comes to landscaping and decorating large porches or patios.  They grow very well when added to large containers and hanging baskets that supply the sufficient drainage for them.   These are wonderful as they grow to become full and adds lots of gorgeous green color as they grow to maturity. 

Boston Fern 

These ferns grow to become very thick and dense and are also very easy to grow for all gardeners and homeowners.  They may require some misting from a spray bottle on scorching days just to keep them moist.  The fronds of this plant grow to be different sizes which give it a rounded look as it develops.Boston Ferns can grow outdoors and indoors. The plant has graceful drooping fronds. The fronds are naturally cut giving them a ruffled look. Its leaves are green with alternate leaflets. It grows to reach a height of 50 to 250 centimeters. The plant can thrive in different lighting conditions. However, they thrive best in areas where they don’t get exposed to harsh and direct sunlight. Ferns are sensitive to the availability of water, and the Boston Fern is not different. They will grow well in well-drained soils. Therefore, you should not make the soil saturated with water when watering. Boston Fern




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