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Unlocking the Secrets of the European Ginger Plant: A Guide to Growing and Using this Medicinal Herb

The European ginger plant is a flowering plant originating from Europe. This beautiful and vibrant plant will be a great addition to your garden and will survive all year round. The plant is known as an excellent ground cover and will grow abundantly to cover nearby areas since they self-seed. They are super low maintenance and easily thrive in most environments. They are favored for their foliage effects and lush appearance.

Description and Color

The leaves are heart-shaped with a glossy and green color accompanied by dark, purple-colored flowers that are usually hidden behind the dense leaves. It remains green throughout the year, quickly becoming the best feature of your garden. They adapt to all climates and are tolerable to a wide range of humidity, including moisture and dry. It’s incredibly versatile that can endure harsh winters and extreme heat. It’s a plant for all seasons. It can reach about a foot tall and spread as much as ten feet. Its surrounding quality provides a carpet of bright leaves that will highlight your landscape.

Additional Characteristics

They complement other plants and trees around them. Pairs well with ferns, pachysandra, sumac, and dwarf iris - to name a few. They also look great with shrubs and wildflowers and create a naturalistic setting. They will happily thrive on banks and slopes as well. Grow them around garden borders and beds to give your landscape that exuberant appearance. It can be cultivated indoors by being placed in a pot. Since they enjoy the shade, they can be easily placed anywhere in the house.


Attracts butterflies and moths due to its fragrant flowers and deer resistance. Also used as a natural ant repellant. They are also known for being pest-free and disease free.


The European Ginger also receives the prestigious Garden Merit Royal Horticultural Society Award. This award is a mark of quality, and this plant depicts that.

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European Ginger - TN Nursery

European Ginger

European Ginger is a low-growing ground cover plant that has glossy, heart-shaped leaves and produces small, inconspicuous brownish-purple flowers nestled among its dense, carpet-like foliage. It is a charming and versatile plant with several landscaping benefits. This evergreen perennial herb is native to Europe and is valued for its exotic appearance, low-maintenance nature, and various practical applications in garden design. The European Ginger creates a pleasant aesthetic while also helping to keep away insects and other pests. This plant grows low to the ground and is typically used to provide cover for barren areas or as protection for gardens or other areas that you want to keep free of bugs or animals. What Does This European Ginger Plant Look Like It can grow to be over a foot tall when grown in favorable conditions. The green leaves have a leathery texture that can add some diversity to your yard or garden. In fact, the plant can be used as a garden border to add some natural charm to your property. The green leaves may retain their color depending on the climate in your area. The European Ginger Grows Easily While this plant tends to spread relatively slowly, it does grow in a steady manner, given enough space. In fact, you can get it to grow even faster by separating the roots into separate areas of your yard or garden to get them to propagate quickly. As a general rule, as long as it is planted in the right spot, you won't have to worry about it growing properly after putting roots into the ground. You're Buying a Hardy Plant European Ginger One of the key benefits of this plant is that it won't succumb to disease. Furthermore, aside from slugs or snails, it isn't eaten by other insects or animals, and in numerous instances, it can attract butterflies and other attractive creatures to your property. It is worth noting that harm can be done to the plant if you prune it in the late fall or winter, as the remaining leaves can be vulnerable to burn. Ideally, you will prune it during the summer or early fall to give the plant an opportunity to bounce back before colder weather sets in.

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