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Best Shade Trees for the Backyard

Shade Trees Enhances a Home's Outward Appeal

Many homeowners enjoy the shade and privacy that large trees may provide to them. It gives them a convenient way to stay cool during the summer. These trees can add value to a home because there are many buyers after the same amenities provided by shade trees. You will want to know which kind of trees are best for shading a large swath of your yard. Finding some of these trees for sale in your area may take a bit of research. This guide will help you get started, especially if you might be interested in finding an online plant nursery.

One thing to realize about shade trees is that they should likely be viewed as an investment in your yard. You will likely plant a relatively young tree in these areas, which will grow into impressive specimens one day. Having a yard full of shade trees will also take careful planning. That is because you won't want them to overcrowd one another. However, you will also want to have as much continuous shade as possible.

You may be wondering which species make the best shade trees. One option may be planting maple trees, considered classic shade tree species. That is because they are capable of growing quite tall and have a wide canopy. These trees also have broad leaves, which shade a fuller area when they are all bunched together. Be aware that maple trees do shed their leaves in the fall, so you will have to do a little rake work with them. A couple of other reliable shade trees include the beech and honey locust varieties.

Maples, Oaks, and Poplars Make Excellent Shade Trees

You may want to be careful how close you plant the trees to your home. Indeed, shade from trees can dramatically reduce the cost of cooling your home during the summer. But you also don't want large limbs falling from the tree and damaging your roof. You may want to trim the branches if you have large trees near your house.

Think about the type of trees for sale you might want to buy. You can find pictures of tree species on the internet. That can give you a clue about what you may want to buy from an online plant nursery. Dennis Son From Tn Nursery says that most are also fast-growing trees.

Buy Affordable Shade Trees From Tn Nursery

American Beech Tree - TN Nursery

American Beech Tree

American Beech trees are known for their smooth, silver-gray bark and glossy, dark green leaves in the summer, transforming into a breathtaking golden bronze or copper color in the fall. These majestic plants are native to many regions worldwide and have been cherished for their aesthetic, ecological, and practical benefits. Here are some reasons why these are an outstanding addition to landscaping: The American Beech Tree Has Striking Bark The bark of the American beech tree is smooth and silvery gray. They have dark green leaves that are light on the underside, three to four inches long, pointy and coarsely serrated, arranged alternately on stems. The spring blossoms are cigar-shaped and comprised of long, narrow buds that are copper in color. Little clusters of male and female blossoms appear on the plant in the spring, usually in April or May. Fall is when the female blooms bear triangular beechnuts. They have a broad and thick canopy that creates several microenvironments. Underneath the plant, you'll find shade-tolerant understory plants and species that thrive in full sun along the plant's edge. Many animals, including squirrels, turkeys, chipmunks, mice, and deer, rely on the plant's nuts. Cavities carved out by large, older plants provide shelter for wildlife, like birds, raccoons, and bears. Add Shade With The American Beech Tree When planted in a large enough area, the thick canopy can hide off nearby homes or busy roadways thanks to its overlapping branches. It also helps that they can reach heights of up to 80 feet. During the hot summer, the plant's broad, ovate leaves create a dense canopy that filters sunlight well and offers plenty of shade. The American Beech Enhances Soil Stabilization American Beech Trees reduce soil erosion by enhancing soil stability via the secretions they release from their roots, encouraging soil aggregation. This is especially helpful on uneven or sloping ground, where soil structure and stability are more important. These plants also have a thick canopy that soaks up rainwater. This reduces the likelihood of soil erosion by deflecting rainwater away from the ground. Its leaf litter also improves soil fertility and offers a home for many creatures, including decomposers like fungi and insects, vital to the ecosystem's nutrient-cycling process.

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Package of 6 Fast Growing Tree Collection - TN Nursery

Package of 6 Fast Growing Trees - Top Growers, Selected For Your Zone

Get six fast growing trees that are hand-chosen and ideally suited for your shipping zone. This kit is ready-to-grow and contains six robust three to four-foot seedlings that are easy to plant and care for--and they grow quicker than most others. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE A COLLECTION OF PLANTS, NOT SPECIFIC PLANT TYPES. WE CHOOSE TYPES THAT WORK BEST FOR YOUR ZONE ACCORDING TO YOUR ZIP CODE If You Want A Quick Landscape Try Fast Growing Trees Fast Growing Trees Package: Imagine this. You want to shade your yard but do not wish to wait decades to reap the benefits of nurturing one. TN Nursery hears that concern from customers regularly. In response to that concern, we have assembled this. This kit is ready-to-grow and contains six robust three- to four-foot seedlings that are easy to plant and care for—and they grow quicker than most others. This is of tremendous value. You get not only the six but also the knowledge of our horticulture staff. We hand-select your collection based on your specific U.S.D.A. planting zone so that you will receive only suitable ones for your local planting conditions.  They are a remarkable flora category renowned for their rapid vertical expansion and prolific branching. These arboreal wonders captivate both nature enthusiasts and landscapers alike, offering an array of benefits that extend beyond their quick growth. One of their most striking features is their astonishing ability to reach towering heights relatively quickly. Some species can grow several feet yearly, immediately and dramatically impacting the landscape. This attribute makes them invaluable for creating natural privacy screens, windbreaks, or shading large areas in a fraction of the time it would take other ones to mature. These Fast Growing Trees Offers Stunning Foliage Their foliage is equally impressive. Lush, vibrant leaves blanket their branches, casting cooling shadows and providing a visual feast throughout the seasons. In spring, these plants burst forth with fresh, delicate leaves, while in autumn, they often put on a spectacular show of fiery colors, enhancing the aesthetic charm of any territory they grace. Beyond their aesthetic value, they are crucial in environmental conservation. Their rapid growth rate means they can sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere quicker than their slower counterparts. Moreover, their extensive root systems help prevent soil erosion and improve soil quality by increasing nutrient availability. Help Save Wildlife With Fast Growing Trees They attract diverse wildlife, including birds, insects, and small mammals, adding vibrancy to local ecosystems. In urban settings, their cooling shade can lower energy costs and reduce the heat island effect, making them invaluable in mitigating the impacts of climate change.  In conclusion, fast growing trees are nature's champions of speed and resilience. Their impressive vertical ascent, lush foliage, and positive ecological contributions make them indispensable assets in landscaping, environmental conservation, and creating thriving, vibrant ecosystems. Whether you seek a quick solution for privacy, a canopy of shade, or an ally in combating climate change, they offer a remarkable blend of beauty and utility.

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