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Fast Growing Trees - 6 Trees

Fast Growing Trees - 6 Trees

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Fast Growing Trees Package | 6 Trees | 3 - 4' 

Fast Growing Trees Package: Imagine this. You want to shade your yard but do not wish to wait decades to reap the benefits of nurturing a tree. T.N. Nursery hears that concern from customers regularly.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

In response to that concern, we assembled a fast-growing trees package

This kit is ready-to-grow and contains six robust three to four-foot seedlings that are easy to plant and care for--and they grow faster than most other trees.

Typical Items TN Nursery Might Include in Your Fast-Growing Trees Package

Dogwood Tree:
The Dogwood Tree (Cornus spp.) is a stunning and versatile addition to any landscape. With its captivating beauty and year-round appeal, this tree is highly sought after by homeowners and garden enthusiasts. Known for its delicate flowers, vibrant foliage, and attractive form, the Dogwood Tree brings elegance and charm to any outdoor space.

In early spring, the Dogwood Tree bursts into a magnificent display of flowers in shades of pink, white, and red, creating a captivating spectacle. These showy blooms add beauty and attract pollinators, such as butterflies and bees. As the season progress, the Dogwood Tree continues to impress with its lush green foliage, providing a vibrant backdrop for the flowers. In autumn, the leaves transform into a stunning array of deep reds, burgundies, and purples, adding a new dimension of color to the landscape.

Beyond its ornamental features, the Dogwood Tree boasts an architectural form that adds visual interest. Its branches are horizontally tiered, creating a layered and structured appearance. The slightly weeping habit of the components adds grace and movement to the tree's overall aesthetic.
With its year-round appeal and natural beauty, the Dogwood Tree is an excellent choice for creating focal points, enhancing gardens, or adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

Crepe Myrtle Tree:
The Crepe Myrtle Tree (Lagerstroemia Indica) is a stunning and popular choice for adding beauty and color to any landscape. With its vibrant flowers, attractive bark, and graceful form, the Crepe Myrtle is a standout tree that brings a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces.

In the summer, clusters of delicate and crinkled flowers bloom in shades of pink, white, lavender, and red, creating a dazzling display of color. These abundant and showy blooms cover the tree in a breathtaking canopy, attracting butterflies and other pollinators and adding to your garden's beauty and ecological diversity.

In addition to its stunning flowers, the Crepe Myrtle Tree boasts an attractive bark that adds visual interest year-round. The bark peels and reveals a smooth, mottled texture, ranging in colors from beige and gray to cinnamon and deep brown. This unique bark adds a touch of visual intrigue, even in the winter months when the tree is dormant.

With its graceful form and multi-stemmed growth habit, the Crepe Myrtle Tree adds elegance to any landscape. Its branches grow upward and outward, forming a natural umbrella shape that provides shade and creates a pleasant dappled effect when sunlight filters through the canopy.

Its vibrant flowers, attractive bark, and graceful form make it a true standout and a beloved choice among garden enthusiasts and homeowners.

Mulberry Tree:
The Mulberry Tree (Morus spp.) is a versatile and visually appealing addition to any landscape. Known for its delicious fruit, attractive foliage, and unique form, the Mulberry Tree offers both aesthetic beauty and practical benefits.

One of the standout features of the Mulberry Tree is its abundant and tasty fruit. The tree produces small, dark purple berries that are sweet and juicy. These berries can be enjoyed fresh off the tree or used in various culinary creations, such as pies, jams, and smoothies. The fruit is not only a delight for humans but also attracts birds and wildlife, adding to the ecological diversity of your garden.

Beyond its fruit-bearing capabilities, the Mulberry Tree displays attractive foliage. The leaves are typically large and heart-shaped, providing a lush and vibrant backdrop to the tree. The vegetation ranges in colors from deep green to golden-yellow, depending on the variety and season. This foliage adds visual interest and creates a beautiful canopy in the landscape.

In terms of form, the Mulberry Tree has a distinctive and spreading habit. Its branches grow irregularly, creating an artistic and picturesque silhouette. This unique form adds character to the tree, making it an eye-catching focal point in any garden or landscape design.

Whether planted as a shade tree, fruit tree, or ornamental specimen, the Mulberry Tree brings beauty, practicality, and ecological value to your outdoor space. This tree is famous among garden enthusiasts and nature lovers with its delicious fruit, attractive foliage, and unique form.

Pecan Tree:
The Pecan Tree (Carya Llinoinensis) is a majestic and productive tree that combines natural beauty with a bountiful harvest. Known for its delicious and nutritious nuts and stately presence, the Pecan Tree is valuable to any landscape.
One of the defining features of the Pecan Tree is its ability to produce abundant and flavorful nuts. The pecans, encased in a hard shell, are known for their rich, buttery taste and versatility in culinary applications.

These nuts are a favorite among chefs and home cooks, from pecan pies to roasted pecans. Planting a Pecan Tree in your landscape allows you to enjoy a new and sustainable source of this delightful treat.

In addition to its productive nature, the Pecan Tree showcases attractive foliage. The leaves are composed of numerous leaflets, creating a graceful, feathery appearance. In the spring, the tree produces inconspicuous flowers that give way to the development of pecan nuts. The foliage turns a vibrant yellow in the fall, adding color to your landscape.

The Pecan Tree also possesses a commanding presence due to its size and form. It can reach impressive heights and spread, forming a large and spreading canopy.
Whether planted for its edible nuts, shade, or ornamental value, the Pecan Tree is a treasured addition to any landscape. With its productive nature, attractive foliage, and stately form, this tree offers a harmonious blend of beauty and practicality, making it a beloved choice among gardeners, homeowners, and nut enthusiasts.

Black Gum Tree - Majestic Beauty and Environmental Benefits
Welcome to the world of the Black Gum Tree, an awe-inspiring and environmentally beneficial addition to any landscape. Also known as Nyssa sylvatica or the Tupelo tree, this native North American species stands tall and proud, commanding attention with its unique features and abundant benefits.

This comprehensive product description will delve into the Black Gum Tree's characteristics, growth habits, and ecological advantages. Whether you're a homeowner, landscaper, or nature enthusiast, this remarkable tree will captivate your senses and enhance your surroundings.

Sycamore Tree - A Majestic Symbol of Natural Beauty
These majestic trees have captivated humans for centuries with their grandeur, grace, and enduring beauty.

Fast-growing trees offer a range of benefits that make them highly desirable for various landscaping and gardening purposes

Here are some critical advantages of fast-growing trees:

1. Quick Results: Fast-growing trees provide a relatively rapid landscape transformation. They can establish a substantial size and presence in a shorter period than slower-growing trees.
2. Shade and Cooling: Fast-growing trees provide shade, especially in sunny outdoor spaces. They can help to cool down your surroundings by blocking the direct sunlight and reducing the ambient temperature.
3. Privacy and Noise Reduction: Fast-growing trees can be used effectively to create natural screens and barriers, offering privacy and seclusion for your property. By strategically planting these trees, you can block unwanted views, minimize noise pollution, and create a more peaceful and secluded environment.
4. Erosion Control: Fast-growing trees with extensive root systems can play a crucial role in preventing soil erosion. Their roots help stabilize the soil and bind it together, reducing the risk of decay caused by wind or water.
5. Aesthetics and Landscaping: Fast-growing trees can quickly enhance the aesthetics of your landscape, adding depth, texture, and visual interest. They can serve as focal points, create shade gardens, or provide a backdrop for other plants and features. Their rapid growth can help fill empty spaces and give a more established look to your garden or property.
6. Environmental Benefits: Trees, including fast-growing varieties, contribute significantly to the environment.
7. Investment and Property Value: Fast-growing trees can increase the value of your property. The enhanced landscaping, privacy, and aesthetic appeal offered by these trees makes your property more attractive and desirable to potential buyers, potentially leading to higher property values.
It is important to note that while fast-growing trees offer numerous benefits, proper care and maintenance are still essential for their long-term health and vitality. Regular pruning, watering, and attention to their specific needs will help ensure their continued success in your landscape.
Here are some tips to maximize the growth and health of fast-growing trees in your landscape:
1. Site Selection: Choose an appropriate location for planting fast-growing trees. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, soil conditions, drainage, and available space. Different tree species have specific site requirements, so match the tree's needs with the site conditions to promote optimal growth.
2. Soil Preparation: Prepare the soil before planting by loosening it and removing weeds or grass.
3. Proper Planting: Dig a more comprehensive and slightly shallower hole than the tree's root ball when planting fast-growing trees.
4. Watering: Adequate watering is crucial, especially during the establishment period of fast-growing trees. Water deeply and regularly to ensure the root system receives sufficient moisture. Provide a slow, deep watering rather than frequent shallow watering, encouraging the roots to grow deeper and more resilient.
5. Mulching: Apply a layer of organic mulch around the tree's base, leaving a gap around the trunk to prevent moisture buildup and potential rot. Mulch helps conserve soil moisture, suppresses weed growth, and regulates soil temperature.
6. Pruning: Regular pruning is essential for shaping fast-growing trees and maintaining their structure.
7. Fertilization: Depending on the tree's nutrient requirements, consider fertilizing fast-growing trees annually or as a professional arborist recommends. Use a balanced slow-release fertilizer to provide the necessary nutrients for growth.
8. Pest and Disease Management: Monitor the trees regularly for signs of pests or diseases. Early detection and prompt intervention can prevent damage and ensure the tree's health. Consult with a local arborist or extension service for guidance on identifying and managing common pests and diseases in your area.
9. Support and Staking: While fast-growing trees are typically robust, some may benefit from temporary staking or support during the early stages of growth. Use soft materials, such as tree straps or horticultural ties, to avoid damage to the bark.
10. Ongoing Care: Maintain regular care and attention to your fast-growing trees as they establish and mature.
By following these tips and providing appropriate care, you can help ensure that your fast-growing trees reach their full potential and give the desired benefits to your landscape.

Fast Growing Trees Package: Imagine this. You want to shade your yard but do not wish to wait decades to reap the benefits of nurturing a tree. TN Nursery hears that concern from customers regularly.

In response to that concern, we assembled a fast-growing trees package. This kit is ready-to-grow and contains six robust three to four-foot seedlings that are easy to plant and care for--and they grow faster than most other trees.

The fast-growing trees package is of tremendous value. You get not only the six trees but also the knowledge of our horticulture staff. We hand-select your collection based on your specific USDA growing zone. You will receive only trees suitable for your local growing conditions. 

Typical Items TN Nursery Might Include in Your Fast-Growing Trees Package 

These are some typical inclusions for the fast-growing trees package. Yours will be custom-curated for you, but these represent a few of our favorite picks.

  • Dogwood Tree: Profuse, cross-shaped white, pink, or red blossoms herald the arrival of warmer weather every spring. You'll also enjoy the lovely green foliage and elegant shape of the dogwood tree.
  • Crepe Myrtle: The stunning white, pink, purple, or red crepe myrtle flowers will appear yearly during mid-summer. The blossoms produce attractive pods that will nourish wildlife during the following winter.
  • Mulberry Tree: Pristine white blooms in the spring produce juicy mulberries to harvest and enjoy in the summertime. You can enjoy the fruit in delicious jams or jellies or leave it and watch the birds flock to it.
  • Pecan Tree: This is a favorite for TN Nursery staff to tuck into the fast-growing trees package because we know customers in the proper zones will enjoy the lovely green foliage and the delicious nuts. 

Order Your Fast-Growing Trees Package From TN Nursery Today 

Are you ready to grow shady trees in your yard? Please order the fast-growing trees package from TN Nursery today. 

Customer Reviews

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Bruce Ellis
at this stage, optimistic

I have planted the trees and a few have started to show signs of spring, but it is too early to sing praises or condemn. Tis the season to wait and see.

Roger smith
Awesome price

I bought this bundle and all of the trees arrived in perfect condition this is a very good price for the variety of trees I got.