4 Super Easy Perennials to Grow In Starters Gardens, Low Maintenance

At TN Nursery we are a native plant nursery that offers a wide variety of native plants. Why do we only carry native plants? Because, with over 70 years and 3 generations of nursery experience, we have learned a lot to be the authority in the nursery industry. One thing we have learned well is that not only are native plants low maintenance but they live for decades and offer so many environmental benefits like improving the soil levels, preventing soil erosion, and never needing fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. Plus native plants are highly tolerant to diseases and insect infestation. To purchase native perennials or other native types and plants, visit https://www.tnnursery.net/perennials-...

Lily Of The Valley - TN Nursery

Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley is a delicate perennial plant with nodding, bell-shaped white flowers and fragrant, sword-shaped leaves. It creates a charming ground cover in shaded garden areas and offers various benefits when integrated into landscaping designs. Its graceful appearance, sweet fragrance, adaptability, and contributions to outdoor spaces' visual and sensory aspects make it a prized addition to gardens. Lily Of The Valley is a classic. It is associated with purity, virtue, humility, and compassion. The proper scientific name is Convallaria majalishe, and the plant is related to good fortune, joy, hopefulness, happiness, prosperity, and blessings. The herbaceous perennials begin to bloom in mid-May and continue to maintain a delightfully fragrant display until summer officially arrives in mid-June. With its exquisitely tiny bell-shaped, ornamental flowers, the shrub has a low-key and understated beauty. Rather than a profuse explosion of showy blossoms, these plants have a quietly powerful presence. They can grow almost anywhere, whether in a valley or not. Slim curving stems give expression to glossy, deep green leaves that gently cradle sweet clusters of delicate, refined flowers. Each bell-shaped blossom hangs from a stem like a precious ornament, while the captivating scent delights the senses. The Symbolic Significance Of Lily Of The Valley They are associated with May Day. They symbolize a beautiful awakening after a long winter of darkness and hardship. The airy little flowers refresh the weary soul and promise a return to happiness and new hope. When the pretty white bells burst into view, they remind us that warm summers always follow dark winters with their alluring fragrance. Lily Of The Valley Is Used In Perfumes  When the alluring fragrance of them was converted to perfume and cologne in 1954, it inspired a line of products. Then, in 1956, Dior marketed it under the name Diorissimo. It was an instant hit for men and women alike. The lily was Dior's favorite flower and his lucky charm. The Unique Attributes Of Lily Of The Valley Lily Of The Valley can produce a thick carpet of ground cover while filling the air with a captivating scent. The deep green leaves make fabulous bouquets and cut flowers. With their curving stems, the plants can produce up to 12 tiny flowers with up to six tiny petals. The clusters are often included in bridal bouquets. Some bouquets consist entirely of them. The engaging blooms make a lovely statement when used to adorn wrapped gifts for weddings and showers.

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Walking Fern - TN Nursery

Walking Fern

The walking fern is a small, trailing perennial known for its unique ability to reproduce by growing new plantlets at the tips of its fronds, giving it the appearance of "walking" across the forest floor.  These fascinating and unique plants can bring natural beauty and intrigue to any landscape. These attributes make them highly desirable for landscaping projects in wild and cultivated settings. Here are some critical characteristics that make them excellent additions to any landscaping endeavor.  Walking Fern, or Asplenium rhizophyllum, are low-lying perennial evergreens and typically relatively small. They're also an opportunistic plant, meaning they'll grow on fallen tree trunks, rocks, or land. As long as there's some moisture nearby, they're good to go. The Frond Blades Of Walking Fern They have smooth, narrow, and elongated dark green blades. Each frond blade is shaped like a triangle and comes to a tiny tip. Because of this, the bulk of this plant comprises the bottom portion of each one. Furthermore, you'll notice that this unique evergreen has eared lobes on both sides. As mentioned, they take any opportunity to grow and run with it! Essentially, wherever its parent touches the ground is where they'll call their home. From there, these evergreens appear to be trekking across the ground, hence their name. The Lifecycle Of The Walking Fern Although their root tips are where each new seedling comes from, the entire process is a bit more complex. The form that most people see is only one of a two-part cycle. Water is an essential component of making new life. Without it, the gametes cannot fertilize the eggs. Fortunately, this is something other than something to worry about as they naturally grow in mossy, watery areas. Walking Fern Multiples Quickly  You can plant Walking Fern in various places, but looking for a mossy area in the shade is best. Either way, sit back and watch out once they've been planted! One plant will turn into two quite quickly, which will then propagate further and further. It's possible to purchase one of these evergreens and end up with at least a handful. Their reproduction rate and method make them a favorite of people who usually have difficulty growing things. They provide a very appealing look for a natural lawn, and you won't have to do much to ensure they survive and thrive.

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