Arrow Arum

Arrow Arum

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Arrow Arum (Peltandra virginica) Hardiness Zone: 5-9 Light Requirements: Full Sun to Shade Height: 1' to 2' - Spread: 24" Water Depth: Moist Soil

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Arrow Arum - Peltandra virginica

The Arrow Arum has clumps of basal leaves 8 to 24 inches long and 4 to 10 inches wide. Its most prominent feature is the ovoid cluster of berries that start to come out in the spring, which vary in color from green to brown. Arrow Arum grows best in Planting Zones 2 to 9 in partial sunlight with standing water and organic matter. Arrow Arum is recognized as a perennial herb or forb. The aquatic plant typically grows in lakes, rivers, shallow water of ponds and marshy areas. Arrow arum has thick, arrowhead-shaped leaves that can grow up to two feet long. The plant can grow up to three feet tall. As it is a perennial plant, it can be seen growing every year. The blooming period of Arrow Arum plant is May to July. The Arrow Arum has a fierce look with thick and lengthy leaves. Veins are visible in the leaves shaped much like arrowheads.

Arrow Arum 

The leaves can be nearly 20 inches in length and 6 inches wide. From the deep root grow stems which produce a white flower. Natural to an environment of fresh, slow-moving creeks, marshes and other shallow running water sources, and familiar to such places as Virginia and Delaware. Because of the region and environment in which the Arrow Arum grows and its unique look and girth, create a South American feel. The Arrow Arum produces clusters of dark greenish berries that native Americans used to eat in a fashion similar to peas. It is the unique qualities and strength of this flowering plant that make it a great addition to outdoor floral gardens, or as a way to bring an exotic feel to a room or design. These perennials are sturdy and require little care. Often confused with the Pickerelweed, side by side to any plant the Arrow Arum truly stands alone. Arrow Arum

Scientific Name: Peltandra virginica

USDA Climate Zone - 5-9

Tree Height: 2-3 feet

Tree Width: 1-2 feet

Growth/Year: 2-6 inches

Soil Type: sandy soil, loamy soil, clay soil

Sun: Full Sun

arrow arum