Shade Trees


Shade Trees


Many gardeners refer to shade trees as Mother Nature's air conditioning. Indeed, their shady foliage can provide a natural respite from the unrelenting summer sunshine. That relief benefits not only humans but also our backyard friends.


Many species will delight in visiting your backyard shade trees. You will watch birds build their nests in the protective camouflage. Squirrels and chipmunks will enjoy scrambling through its leaves. Additionally, pollinator species, like fat bumblebees, will visit, ensuring garden health.


How to Plant TN Nursery Shade Trees


Your shade trees from TN Nursery will arrive in bare root form--dormant, treated for freshness, and ready to plant. Although they may not look alive, you can gently scrape the bark to see the green stem below.


You will dig a hole in a spot with suitable light conditions. The opening should be sufficiently deep and wide to accommodate the tree's roots without any breakage. Gently place the roots into the hole and replace the dirt, gently packing the earth tightly but without compacting it.


Water new shade trees (about an inch of water weekly) for the first several weeks until they establish a vigorous root system. After that, Mother Nature takes over, and they become relatively undemanding.


TN Nursery Customer Picks for Shade Trees


TN Nursery offers dozens of shade trees, most of which grow in a vast range of USDA plant hardiness zones. Here are three customers' picks:


  •        Red maple tree: This is one of the best-selling shade trees, perhaps because it grows beautifully in almost all United States growing zones! It grows into a large, leafy tree with gorgeous early spring flowers. The leaves are light green in the spring and enrich to a deep red or copper by the autumn. It's a pleasure to watch the progression of color each year.
  •        Hickory tree: Another American native species, the hickory is a tall, well-shaped classic pick that grows best in moderately warm zones. Hickory nuts will be a delight if you love providing your backyard visitors with a feast!
  •        River birch: This option is ideal for TN Nursery customers in warmer growing zones who also have a slow-draining property where water often stands. The river birch will thrive near water gardens, ponds, or steams.


Order Your Shade Trees From TN Nursery


TN Nursery offers these shade trees and dozens more! Please feel free to browse and reach out to us with any questions. Our customer service team is always delighted to help you decide which plants will work best for your needs.

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Fast Growing ShadeTrees

1. Tulip Poplar

2. Dogwood

3. Crape Myrtle

4. Mulberry

5. Box Elder



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