Hornbeam Tree - TN Nursery
Hornbeam Tree

Size: 1-2', Ship My Plants: Fall 2024 (End of October), Package of: 1 Plant + Get 1 Free

Hornbeam Tree - TN Nursery
Hornbeam Tree - TN Nursery
Hornbeam Tree - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

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Love me a Hornbeam! The gnarlier, the better.

. Good value, well packed, excellent customer service as well

Received my Hornbeams after Thanksgiving (special request). Soaked them overnight in the garage as suggested and then planted all six of the (hubby did 3) the next day. Bought for privacy reasons, but also plan to prune in a formal, preleached manner eventually! Bare root tree holes are SO much easier to dig! I recommended. Cheaper also. Will buy another in the spring.

C. Reynolds

The trees arrived with dry roots, so we are crossing our fingers that they weren’t dried out to the point of being ****. We planted them immediately and according to instructions, and provided mulch. We shall see in spring if they survived. We can’t wait to see leaves!

Victoria Graham
Hop Hornbeam whips

The order was placed on Sunday, confirmed on Tuesday, and received on Wednesday. I read the planting recommendation, and sited the 3 hornbeam whips that evening. Thursday morning I soaked them for 2 hours and then they were planted. They've had a good start so far. I'm looking forward to spring leaf-out.

Susan Hossfeld
Happy trees

Loved my my trees

Thank you so much for this 5-star review, Susan! We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. We’re here for you anytime