Lizard's Tail

Lizard's Tail

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Lizard's Tail - Saururus cernuus

The Lizard's Tail plant is called Saururus Cernuus in Latin. It is a perennial plant that is known as a swamp lily that grows up to 4 feet in height. There stem is described as hairy with few branches and heart-shaped leaves. The plant grows in marshes, along with the banks near ponds and streams and sometimes underwater. It provides a habitat for some species that attract fish. When it dies and decomposes it provides foods for aquatic invertebrates.

This plant produces white flower on the top with a floral scent.

The flower looks like a spike with several small white flowers. The seeds are known to form a pattern that looks like a lizards tail. The plants spread by rhizome forming colonies. It grows best in USDA hardiness zones 4-11. Planting it near a bog, or small pond is the ideal location. It is easy to plant and take care of. The flowers bloom from June through September. This plant was used by Native American for medicinal purposes. It is a plant that goes well in water gardens or planted on the edges of ponds, streams or water features. Plant in sun or partial shade. It makes an excellent ground cover too.

Lizard's Tail (generally called water-legendary brute) is a rhizomatous, deciduous, negligible maritime.

It is neighborhood to Ontario, Quebec and southern New England south to Florida and Texas. In Missouri, it is by and large found in swampy woods, messes, spring branches and moderate moving streams south of the Missouri River (Steyermark). Highlights heart-shaped leaves (3-6" long) on erect, extending, to some degree crosswise stems and humble fragrant white blooms squeezed into thin, diminished, spike-like racemes (4-12" long) that hang at the tips. Blooms June to September. The blooms offer a way to deal with minimal green warty natural items. The signaling bloom/regular item spikes purportedly take after reptiles' tails, from now on the ordinary name. The blooms, leaves, and establishments of this plant have a beguiling citrus smell.

Lizard's Tail

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