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15 Monarch Pollinator Plants -5 Plants Each - Milkweed, Jewelweed, Trumpet Vine $49.99

15 Monarch Pollinator Plants -5 Plants Each - Milkweed, Jewelweed, Trumpet Vine $49.99

wheelbarrowAttract beautiful butterflies & enhance landscape

birdPromote pollination & fragrant blooms

shovelEnhance biodiversity & feeds hummingbirds

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Monarch Plant Package Includes a total of 15 Plants

5 Plants Each - Milkweed, Jewelweed, and Trumpet Vine (all mature blooming age)

The Monarch Pollinator Package is a fantastic way to create a butterfly-friendly garden and attract beautiful monarch butterflies to your space. Among the various plants included in the package, the Trumpet Vine, Milkweed, and Jewelweed stand out for the remarkable attributes that make them essential for any butterfly enthusiast.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

 Monarch Plant Lover #1 Trumpet Vines

The Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) is a fast-growing, woody vine known for its trumpet-shaped, vibrant orange or red flowers. Monarch butterflies are particularly drawn to the nectar-rich blossoms, making them an excellent addition to your garden. This vine provides a reliable food source for adult monarchs, which rely on nectar to sustain their energy during flight and reproduction. Furthermore, the trumpet vine is a perfect habitat for caterpillars to shelter and pupate. The dense foliage offers protection, while the trumpet-shaped flowers, often humming with bees and other pollinators, create an enchanting atmosphere in the garden.

Monarch Plant Lover #2 Milkweed

Milkweed plants (Asclepias spp.) are the most crucial component of any butterfly garden, especially for monarch butterflies. Milkweed is the sole host for monarch caterpillars. Female monarchs lay eggs on the leaves of milkweed plants, and once hatched, the caterpillars feed exclusively on the milkweed foliage. This relationship is vital for the monarch butterfly's life cycle and survival. Not only does milkweed provide sustenance for the caterpillars, but it also offers a critical defense mechanism. Milkweed contains toxic chemicals that are absorbed by the caterpillars, rendering them unpalatable and poisonous to potential predators. As a result, birds and other predators learn to avoid monarch butterflies, ensuring their protection throughout their lifecycle.

 Monarch Plant #3, Last But Not Least, Jewelweed Plant

Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) is another gem in the Monarch Pollinator Package. Also known as Touch-Me-Not, this plant offers a wealth of nectar-filled, trumpet-shaped orange or yellow flowers that attract butterflies, including monarchs. The delicate appearance of the Jewelweed flowers is a delight to observe as the butterflies gracefully flutter around them. Beyond its ornamental beauty, Jewelweed is particularly beneficial for monarchs as it provides an additional nectar source, ensuring the butterflies' continued sustenance. Moreover, Jewelweed is a host plant for other butterfly species, contributing to the overall biodiversity and ecological balance of your butterfly garden.

By planting Trumpet Vine, Milkweed, and Jewelweed, you create a diverse and attractive environment that not only entices monarch butterflies but also sustains them throughout their lifecycle. The combination of nectar-rich flowers and essential host plants ensures that your garden becomes a sanctuary for monarch butterflies, supporting their populations and aiding in their conservation efforts. Furthermore, a flourishing butterfly garden will also attract other pollinators, contributing to the health and vibrancy of your local ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Monarch Pollinator Package, featuring Trumpet Vine, Milkweed, and Jewelweed, offers a harmonious blend of beauty and purpose. By including these plants in your garden, you not only create a picturesque landscape but also actively participate in the preservation of monarch butterflies and other pollinators. It is a small yet impactful step towards protecting these mesmerizing creatures and ensuring their presence for generations to come.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kassi Kennedy
I loved this package!

I received an awesome array of butterfly friendly nectar plants as well as some milkweed for the monarchs. I loved the entire selection and all are doing well in the spots I selected for them. They all came as live roots, clearly labeled and are all either native to my area or, in the case of the butterfly bush, do well in my area. I am extremely satisfied and happy with my purchase and have enjoyed other orders from TNnursery as well! Highly recommended!


I received the root stock and planted it all immediately. So far nothing has come up. Our temps have been 60s - 70s. Hoping to see something soon. The roots appeared viable.

Rachel Dubroc
Flower excited

We are exited to see them grow and flower. Excited to see the butterflies and hummingbirds feeding. I love the quantity and variety. The roots were delivered quicker than I expected. Makes me happy. I do wish each root was labeled, so I would know were I want to plant them. Til I see which is which, they will stay in pots.

Donald r Mangrum

Butterfly Plants - 6 plants

Kevin Sanders

Boom! Beautiful plants, a great website, and lovely people!