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What Benefits Do TN Property Owners Gain From Planting Fast Growing Tree Varieties?  

Many of the region’s finest fast-growing trees exceed 50 feet in height and mature between 20 and 30 years. When compared to slow-growing trees, this class can deliver wide-sweeping benefits in a hurry. Perhaps the driving reason so many Tennessee, property owners rely on fast-growing trees above all others stems from the fact they can prove rewarding within only a few years.

As a leading TN tree nursery, we offer a wide range of fast-growing trees that flourish in landscapes and deliver a tremendous return on timber harvesting investment. Although the term “fast-growing” would appear to indicate evergreens at first blush, it may surprise everyday people to learn about the wide-reaching varieties that mature quickly. These rank among the more prevalent trees and uses our TN community members can employ.

Pine Trees Deliver A Wealth of Benefits

Fast-growing Pine Trees may offer the most flexible benefits of any in this class. In residential areas, options such as Spruce Pine trees effectively work as privacy fences. As many homeowners already know, building codes typically prohibit property owners from erecting barriers high enough to provide the privacy they genuinely desire. Spruce Pine trees, by contrast, can be positioned relatively close together to form a dense, green perimeter. These evergreen conifers typically mature to 50 feet at a rate of up to 2 feet annually.

Loblolly Pine Trees continue to deliver a substantial return on investment for timber harvesting outfits. They achieve heights of 100 feet and generally shoot up more than 2 feet annually. These pine trees rank among the most sought after for pole lumber and pulp. Reforestation with fast-growing Loblolly Pine Trees allows logging companies and property owners to harvest relatively quickly while cycling a healthy ecosystem.

Yellow and other varieties of pine trees also prove profitable in the logging sector. The lumber from pines garners attention and use from the furniture industry and construction sector. The demand for quality pine materials continues to increase, and so does the profitability of planting pine tree seedlings.

Red Maple Trees Deliver Aesthetic Value

The Red Maple remains the most common tree in TN because of its beautiful foliage and landscape value. But few realize that the Red Maple also ranks among the fastest-growing trees in its class. Maturing to 60 feet and spreading their red foliage out to 40 feet during autumn, Red Maple Trees grow up to two feet annually. As a purely ornamental asset in residential landscapes, property owners see beautification benefits promptly. Other varieties, such as Sugar and Silver maple, also grow quickly.

Sycamore Trees Provide Excellent Shade Quickly

These trees can reach heights of more than 100 feet and spread out as far as 70-100 feet. That makes them tremendous shade tree assets in open spaces and backyards. Even those sturdy trees appear ancient; they usually grow more than 2 feet each year. Sycamore Trees offer determined shade due to the large leaves that can span a full foot in some cases. Male trees bear a yellowish flower, while females produce reddish blooms. The thick trunk and deep roots make these trees exceedingly sturdy and iconic as a standalone landscaping element.

Tulip Poplar Trees Infuse Properties with Fragrance

The Tulip Poplar Tree earns its name from the aromatic green-yellow flowers that bloom during May and June. The 2-inch petals also enjoy a splash of orange, and the nectar attracts ruby-throated hummingbirds, among other wildlife. These fast-growing trees mature to 90 feet and spread out to 40 feet. With lush, large leaves, these trees provide substantial shade and fit neatly into front yards and back yard landscapes well in full sunlight. Tulip Poplar Trees can grow more than 2 feet annually.

Other Notable Fast-Growing TN Trees to Consider

Some varieties of fast-growing trees come as a surprise to many TN property owners. Flowering ornamentals such as White Dogwoods often fall outside conventional quick-growth wisdom. Although Dogwoods usually mature to a modest 25 feet, they can grow upwards of 2 feet annually under optimal conditions. That means a White Dogwood could reach maturity in about a dozen years. That provides homeowners significant landscaping return on investment.

Others in the fast-growing tree class also include massive Weeping Willow Trees. Widely considered among the best for shade benefits, they also surpass 2 feet of annual growth. Black Willows, American ElmsElderberry, and Sourwood trees, among many others, thrive in most soils.

If you are considering a landscape design from scratch or want to include colorful and hardy fast-growing trees into an existing property, we provide only the finest seedlings and stakes. We hope this information proves useful in your decision-making process. If you have any further questions or have made a decision, contact TN nursery today.