NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Easy Trees To Grow

Gardeners often have a hard time growing trees in their yards. Easy trees to plant for beginners can be challenging and frustrating, but we've got you covered with the best low-maintenance plants that are perfect for novice gardeners. We found 5 of the most accessible trees to grow at home and put them together in one place, so you don't waste your money on expensive plants that die within weeks. These easy trees will add beauty and value to your yard without requiring much work from you.
You don't have to be an expert gardener or landscaper to plant and grow beautiful trees. This step-by-step guide shows you exactly what to do from planting your tree until it's fully grown and ready for harvesting.

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Easy Trees To Grow


Trees are great additions to your property. They provide shade that cools down your home, and they absorb moisture to reduce humidity. Mature trees also boost your property's market and aesthetic values at the same time.


 Adding them is desirable, but finding easy-to-grow trees is even better. Keep things simple with the suitable species in your yard.


Oak Trees



 If you're going to live where you are for a while, oak trees are a great idea. They don't grow as slowly as they are reputed, as they can hit maturity in just 15 years. These majestic trees preserve topsoil and terrain thanks to massive root structures, and they provide a robust haven for animal life that liven your yard.


 All you need to get started is an acorn for each tree you want to plant. Know when it will germinate to time your planting. Please protect it from deer while it is young, but don't overdo the mulch. It will grow plenty on its own.


Red Maple Tree



 Red maple trees are as vivid as anything in your fall foliage lineup, but they also have berries and flowers that bring pops of red to your yard nearly all year long.


 Adaptable to many different growing conditions, you can plant these in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 9. Slow, deep watering helps them better than fast sprinklings. Also, they don't require mulch every single year.


Tulip Poplar



 Also known as yellow poplars, these deciduous trees beautify your yard twice a year, once with flowers and again in the fall with vibrant leaves. Spring is when they bring your yard alive, as they draw in creatures such as bees, hummingbirds, rabbits, bobwhites, and squirrels.


 Plant them in a sunny location with moist soil that drains well. Please pay attention to their growth in the first year or two, and marvel at how they rise more than 2 feet each year. Members of the magnolia family, they'll be strong enough to survive on their own before long.


Weeping Willow



 Few trees are as beautiful as weeping willow trees. The way they dance in a gentle breeze is a precious sight to behold, and you'd be lucky to have that just off your porch or patio at home.


 Pick a spot that has moist soil and gets full sunlight. Willow trees grow such developed root structures on their own that they can be invasive to nearby plant beds. However, weeping willow trees should have plenty of room around them so they can sway so beautifully, which makes your yard graceful without needing many other things planted. You usually only need to worry about watering during a drought, and other than occasional pruning or inspection for disease, these gentle giants will impress you a lot more than they need attention.


Key Takeaways



 Trees offer your property many benefits for yards that have them. These four easy-to-grow trees can bring you joy without a lot of work.