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Several species of wisteria trees exist worldwide, providing a lovely addition to any garden.

It is an incredibly hardy plant that thrives in full sunlight. They are a trendy choice for their beautiful flowers and interesting growth patterns. It is aesthetically pleasing if you consider adding one or more trees to your yard or garden area.

As it grows, the wisteria tree vines begin to attach and twine around any nearby supports. Take care to plant with sufficient space for the roots, and beware of placing too close to other trees because of the vine growth. In some areas, it is considered invasive due to its ability to flourish even in moderate soil.

The vines may grow 10 feet in a year and provide a rich display of blooms during the spring. However, the cascading flower clusters for which it is most well known may take several years to show.

When planting, ensure that your wisteria tree will have full sunlight throughout the year to ensure this aromatic plant's proper growth and flowering. Consider adding compost if your yard does not have fertile soil. The best times of year to plant are spring and fall. The hole should be the same depth as the root ball and at least twice the width. Also, make sure to provide 10 to 15 feet around the plant base, away from other trees.Lilac is another gorgeous purple flower plant.

However, you can place it near strong structures capable of handling the vine growth. One tree can enhance the appearance of a pergola or other garden structure, providing that the materials are strong.

When caring for your tree, you need to place a couple of inches of mulch around the base for water retention and weed control. Additionally, water it if the rainfall has been under 1" for the week. Furthermore, phosphorus will aid with flowering.

Prune your wisteria in the late winter and again during the summer. To increase blooms, cut excess shoots every couple of weeks during the summer. Proper pruning is essential to having the tree flower with the lovely blooms that have given it a worldwide reputation for being an attractive garden plant.

Utilize the wisteria to improve the quality and aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Buy Wisteria Trees Online at TN Nursery Co. We have the finest selection of authentic plants and deliver them to all states. Order from a trusted USDA-certified nursery.

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