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Why Should You Grow White Trillium in Your Yard

White Trillium

Are you looking for pretty flowers you can add to your collection? If so, then Great White Trillium might be on your list. This gorgeous flower will match well with just about anything else you currently have in your garden. On the other hand, what makes this flower so unique? It would be best if you planted Great White in your home or office garden for several reasons. What makes this Trillium such a good idea?

The Top Reasons To Plant White Trillium

The top reasons to add Great White Trillium to your home or office garden include:
This plant requires almost no maintenance. After you plant this Trillium species, you shouldn't have to water it much.
This plant grows well in just about any set of conditions. Whether your soil is wet or dry, and whether you have sunlight or shade, Great White should grow well. While this Trillium likes wet soil and partial sunlight, it will grow almost anywhere.
Various insects pollinate Great White Trillium, including wasps, honey bees, and bumblebees. Therefore, this is a great way to protect the environment and preserve these species.

Great White grows well with other flowers in your garden

You don't have to consider this flower competing with other plants for nutrients.Trillium is a species that blooms beautifully throughout the entire year, making this a great perennial.
The color mixture of Great White is unparalleled. Beautiful green leaves bloom during the Spring, acting as a strong base. 

Then, gorgeous white petals bloom when the temperature heats up, with small yellow shoots in the center.
Great White can spread to act as a gorgeous floor for your garden.
For these reasons, consider growing this Trillium in your home or office garden. Our flower experts can help you find the best White Trillium.

Call TN Wholesale Nursery for White Trillium!

If you are searching for a plant or flower that only requires a little work, then this Trillium could be the best option. At TN Wholesale Nursery, we would also be proud to offer this Trillium to you! It also looks beautiful as a solid addition to the rest of the flowers in your landscape. For the best Great White Trillium, call us today!

White Trillium - TN Nursery

White Trillium

White Trillium is a spring-blooming wildflower with large, white, three-petaled flowers and a distinctive, whorled arrangement of leaves, typically found in woodland habitats. It is prized for its large, showy, white flowers that bloom in the spring. The blooms can add a touch of elegance and beauty to your landscaping. It is a native North American wildflower that can provide several landscaping benefits. White Trillium, commonly known as the "wood lily "and the "large-flowered wake-robin," is a long-lived perennial wildflower that grows in eastern North America. Its bright to dark-green foliage blooms with large, colorful flowers in April, May, and June. The Habitat Of The Great White Trillium Its native range includes woodlands from Quebec to Georgia. In the wild, the plant grows in deciduous or mixed forested areas and on mesic slopes, as well as on rich rock ridges and in thickets and swamps. In Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, the herb sometimes produces mixed populations of rose-pink and white blossoms. The Appearance Of White Trillium Its flowers have showy white blossoms that stretch more than 4" in diameter. Their long, pointed petals take on a pink tint over time. Each outwardly curved flower rises above three glossy, green, oval-shaped leaf-like bracts with a visibly veined appearance and pointed tips. A short rhizome that serves as the plant's stem branches out into peduncles aboveground that grow up to 15" tall. The plant commonly forms large, dense colonies that spread slowly as they age. Whether you're designing a woodland or wildflower garden or want to add a little texture to a shady spot, it will make a lovely addition to your landscape. These spring-blooming flowers complement hosta, ferns, iris, and jack-in-the-pulpit beautifully and make your yard a natural haven. Since they go dormant during the summer, pairing them with groundcover plants and perennials will help them flourish into autumn. White Trillium Is Great For Wildlife White Trillium serves as host plants for the American angle shades moth and the black-patched clips. During the blooming season, native and honey bees visit the blooms to pursue nectar. Ants eat the lipid-rich elaiosome surrounding the seeds, then drop them on the soil, where they grow into healthy new plants. The plant colonies can provide habitat and coverage for small mammals in places where the plant grows prolifically. White-tailed deer also enjoy grazing the blossoms and foliage.

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