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Tn Nursery Donates Free Plants To Non Profits

Tennesse Wholesale Nursery donates to America

At the family-owned Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, we believe in giving back to the communities we serve and helping out whenever we can. That's why we've been finding ways to help restore, rebuild, and replant America through donations; the start of our business, and for over half a century and counting!


What types of donations does Tennessee Wholesale Nursery provide?

Since we ship at least 45,000 orders every season, we always end up with many surplus plants. Instead of just disposing of these surplus plants as many other plant sellers do, we first consider our motto, "Why throw away what could be someone else's treasure?"

From there, we consistently find ways to donate, replant, and preserve our surplus plants to prevent waste, help improve the environment, and assist communities in need.

We've chosen to donate, reuse, and otherwise contribute our surplus plants 400 times so far, including each of the following:

Donations to nonprofits

Contributions to gardening bloggers

Donations to universities for research to protect our planet, fight pollution, and ensure clean air

Donations to areas recovering from disasters and other emergencies

Provisions to national site planning and website owners serious about:

preserving the environment

planting trees for the purification of the air

boosting oxygen levels, and

enhancing the ecosystem with various animal and bird habitats

We've been fortunate to help extend a hand to communities recovering from wildfires and other disasters through these contributions. That will helps allow for valuable continued university research, help improve the air, provide nesting space and other ecosystem necessities, and stimulate growth in areas of need.

How can our readers contribute their surplus?

Aside from the ideas already mentioned, more miniature gardeners can also:

Plant a row for the hungry:

Plant-A-Row programs encourage gardeners to grow an extra row (or more) to donate.

Look into AmpleHarvest.org

AmpleHarvest.org matches gardeners with 8,594 food pantries and individuals in need.

Look into USDA Recovery/Donations

USDA Recovery/Donations lists numerous organizations that accept food/plants.

Some of these are nationwide, others local, and include Food Donation Connection,

Donate Don't Dump, Food Runners, Food Recovery Network, Farmers Against Hunger.

Check out Plant-for-the-Planet

Plant-for-the-Planet uses mostly monetary donations to plant trees globally.

Check out PlantSwap.org and other plant and seed exchanges near you:

PlantSwap.org is an online swap where you can register free of charge, post your surplus plants, and seek out other items you may want. You can also post about or seek out your local swap events.

When did Tennessee Wholesale Nursery begin donating plants?

From the beginning, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery knew we had to give back. In 1938, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery's founder began offering free plants to universities and professionals for research purposes and supplementing more prime gardening areas. The founder's wishes for continued donations have been honored to this day. We think he would be very proud!

If you wish to discuss original ideas with us regarding surplus donations or creating a new donation or swapping program locally, online, or otherwise, don't hesitate to come to talk with us about your thoughts. We're always looking for ways to give back and enhance the community around us -- let's join forces!

You can reach us by email at [email protected] and at (931) 692-4252. We're always happy to hear from our customers -- customers are the best part of our day!

For our last swap idea, consider the following options to get free plants if you need them:

Get 2 Free Ferns to leave us a Google Review Below


After you've left your review, email a screenshot of it, and your US Mailing address to

[email protected], and we will ship your ferns right out.

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If You Have A Website or Blog that has anything to do with gardening, landscaping, or home improvement, or if you work for a .gov or .edu Organization, We Offer Lots Of Free Plants In Exchange For A Small "Thank you you" Banner.

We donate twice a year over $300.00 In Plants In Exchange For A Small Thank You Banner On Your Website. To see if you qualify, fill out the below form: We will get back to you within 24 hours after receiving your application below to see if it's a good match for us. We will also send you the Banner to link to our site if your site is approved.


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