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Shrubs are a vital element in all but the tiniest landscapes. They provide year-round interest, add height and dimension, and may be used as feature plants. But what shrubs should you choose for your garden? You can’t go wrong with something from this selection of our most popular and best-selling shrubs.

Best Sellers-Shrubs produce the most vibrant colors

If you’re after bright, bold colors, we’ve got a range of popular shrubs to suit every color palette, from forsythias to hibiscus plants and everything in between. And we’ve got beautiful shrubs that flower in three seasons and every US state.

Best Sellers-Shrubs are great edible shrubs for low-maintenance food.

Growing annual edibles can be time-consuming and may take a lot of hard work. If you don’t have time for that or want a few edible plants that don’t need much care, you want edible shrubs. We’ve got obvious choices like the black chokeberry and popular plants that many people don’t realize have edible parts like the beautiful and showy hibiscus, producing edible flowers.

We all want great value plants, and here at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, we work hard to bring you everyday low grower prices.

Pro tip:

Choose shrubs with a mix of heights. You’ll fit more plants in and create more interest in your landscape.

So if you want our most popular shrubs at a great price, don’t miss these exclusive deals. For a reason, these are our best-selling shrubs, so you need to get in quickly before this season’s stock is sold. Buy your new favorite shrub now!

Our Best Selling Shrubs are For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates


Forsythia - TN Nursery


Forsythia has vibrant yellow, bell-shaped flowers that bloom profusely in early spring before their green leaves emerge, creating a striking burst of color in gardens and landscapes. It is a deciduous shrub widely appreciated for its abundant and vibrant yellow flowers that herald the arrival of spring. It offers numerous landscaping benefits, making it a popular choice for gardens and outdoor spaces. One of the primary advantages of incorporating it into landscaping is its early-blooming nature. Make Your Yard More Yellow With The Forsythia Forsythia is unparalleled in its ability to fill yards with a profusion of golden colors. Their early-season blossoming is so abundant that it covers landscapes in a kaleidoscope of yellow hues, signaling the arrival of spring. Pollinators that emerge during the first signs of spring rely on the nectar produced by these blooms. The sight of these colorful, bell-shaped blossoms arranged so closely together along the stems is breathtaking. They can reach eight to ten feet in height and ten to 12 feet in width. Their bark is rough and gray-brown in color. They can be erect, rounded, mounded, or arching. Their branches can be straight or curved. You can plant them as focal pieces or in mass groups. Enjoy Changing-Color Leaves With The Forsythia In addition to their showy yellow blossoms, they also alter their leaves with the seasons. Depending on the time of year, the leaves transition from green to yellow to purple. They stay mostly green during the summer and then transition from yellow to deep purple hues throughout late autumn, right before they fall to the ground. These plants go dormant in the winter. Enjoy Fast Growth With The Forsythia They, particularly the bigger types, are shrubs that grow rapidly, often reaching a height of two feet in only 12 months. Because they grow fast, they can quickly fill up empty spaces in gardens and landscaping. Their fast growth also makes them work well as natural privacy screens. You can even grow them as hedges and borders for gardens and driveways. Their rapid growth nature increases their resilience to environmental stresses as well. Forsythia Offer Lots of Design Versatility In addition to their use as natural hedges and borders, forsythias provide a great deal of creative flexibility in terms of design. Planting them side by side along a garden path will cause them to grow inward, creating a natural archway. Some people use them to create focal points. Others use them to help with soil stabilization on sloped banks because of their deep, complex root systems that retain topsoil.

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Black Chokeberry - TN Nursery

Black Chokeberry

Black Chokeberry has delicate white flowers bloom in spring, creating an eye-catching display. In Fall, the are replaced with blackberries. A great source for birding shrubs as well makes it a highly favored shrub by homeowners. The Black Chokeberry Black chokeberry plants are a species of shrub and part of the rose family. Native to the eastern part of North America, these branching shrubs are known for their gorgeous dark-red color in the autumn, as well as their small black berries, which have been known to frequently attract certain bird species. So, if you're hoping for more avian visitors in your garden, the plant could be the perfect plant to introduce to the area. Characteristics of the Black Chokeberry Although it is a relatively common-looking plant, it offers a simple beauty to spruce up any outdoor area. The shrub is known for its glossy, dark green leaves, which will gradually shift to a breathtaking crimson as the season changes to autumn. It also produces lovely flowers, which will typically be either white or pink; these bright, colorful flowers make the shrub a popular choice for gardens, courtyards, and walkways. During the fall, tiny blackberries will start to appear, contrasting nicely with the lighter shades of the flowers. On average, it will rise to between three and six feet high. The pretty flowers will typically be approximately two to three inches across. The bush will usually appear in medium-sized clusters, which will be wider near the top, creating an appealing cone-like shape. Using Black Chokeberry in Your Garden The plant works perfectly if you're looking for a shrub that can take up some space while complementing the more exuberant plants in an outdoor space. This shrub is often used to add some life to a home's front yard, and it can also be effective as a hedge, which will enhance the privacy and curb appeal of your property. Because of the plant's relatively neutral, mild colors, it will be an excellent addition to just about any area. Black Chokeberry Is a Lovely, Unassuming Shrub They are wonderful, versatile shrubs that can help you fill in a sparse garden, enhance the front of your home, or simply add some extra beauty to your backyard. While the shrub is lovely all year long, it will become especially beautiful during autumn, producing breathtaking colors and attracting birds to your property.

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