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Reasons why You Shouldn't Garden While Drunk

The Botanist Drunkard

Gardening after having a few drinks can be quite the challenge. Caring for plants requires patience and a delicate hand.

You should tend plants while sober, but You can pick them if you are a bit drunk.

The best plants to choose while drunk is the ones that make drinks even tastier. A drunkard could design his whole garden around his favorite alcoholic beverages.

It makes sense to start with brunch since a quality drunkard is unlikely to be out of bed in time for a proper breakfast. A mimosa made of fresh oranges from the tree nursery is the perfect way to begin the day. Alternately, one could use newly-ripe tomatoes in a bloody Mary, sweetened with a spritz of lemon or lime juice. A garden center would probably sell hanging tomato vines that can be grown on a porch or indoors, but tomatoes always taste best when they are built the traditional way.

A smart drunkard should keep his herb garden stocked with stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has only a few calories per serving. It takes on a bitter flavor when cooked, so it can only be used as an additive in drinks and simple recipes. You can muddle its leaves in water to create a simple natural syrup. They could also be dried and then ground into a fine green powder. Stevia drastically reduces the calorie count of sweet beverages.

You could combine that simple syrup with lime juice from the tree nursery to make a margarita mix. Traditional margaritas do not include sweeteners, though many people are too accustomed to using store-bought margarita mixes for drinking plain lime juice comfortably.

Another margarita ingredient purchased at a garden center and planted at home is a hibiscus shrub. Dried hibiscus petals add a rich, slightly sweet quality to margarita salt. Hibiscus salt is starting to become popular in tropical vacation spots, with shakers selling it for as much as $30.

Hibiscus petals could be hung upside down for a few days to dry and then crushed and added to margarita salt. Some people like to use kosher salt instead since its flaky texture allows for better integration of the crushed flowers.

However, the botanist drunkard decides to combine his two favorite hobbies. He can rest assured that his green thumb results in healthier, more flavorful drinks.

Source of Tips for Gardening Sober

Trumpet Vine - TN Nursery

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine is a vigorous, deciduous woody vine known for its showy, trumpet-shaped orange or red flowers and ability to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It is a popular choice for covering fences and trellises. It offers many benefits when integrated into landscaping projects, enhancing outdoor spaces' visual allure, ecological diversity, and functionality. This deciduous woody plant presents unique qualities that contribute to various dimensions of landscape design. One of the standout benefits of using it in landscaping is its striking floral display. They have their place in any yard, and there are some that produce stunning flowers that are quite hard to ignore. If you've been looking for the right one, look no further than the trumpet vine. Also known as the trumpet creeper, these gorgeous plants have a wide range of purposes some may forget. Here's what these unique plants have to offer that you'll be sure to love. The Spectacular Flower Display Of Trumpet Vine They produce a wonderful flower show that begins in May and lasts until about August. As the name suggests, these trumpet-like flowers burst out of the foliage and announce themselves with a dazzling red-orange display that coats almost the entirety of them. No matter where they're growing, they're sure to catch your attention once they're ready to make themselves known. Vertical Decor Perennials At TN Nursery Finding the right plants for vertical decor can be difficult, and not everyone wants to fill their spaces with hanging plants or plants that are in pots attached to the wall. This is where they come in. These gorgeous trumpets easily climb up vertical decor-like trellises to provide you with the coverage you're looking for. Hardiness Keeps The Perennial Going and Growing They are extremely durable and will grow quickly, making them the perfect plan for those who are looking to cover certain areas fast without having to worry too much about making mistakes along the way that put them at risk.  Shop TN Nursery for Erosion Control Planting them can be an excellent way to reduce soil erosion, especially in sloped areas where you're concerned about the stability of certain objects or other plants. They create networks of roots that keep soil in place. They also offer other benefits for your yard, like attracting essential pollinators such as birds and butterflies as well as acting as a space where ants can build a habitat. If you want a plant that provides a host of benefits to the surrounding area, consider this one.

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