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About Periwinkle


Periwinkle or Vinca minor is a popular groundcover with a high tolerance for both sunny and shaded areas. 

It comes in varieties that produce blooms in shades of purple, blue or white, and in single or double blooms. 

The foliage may be shiny dark green and variegated in white or yellow. Many gardeners prefer this plant because of its unique quality to sustain both sun and shade.

However, some gardeners do not like the aggressive nature of the creeper. It requires regular pruning to keep the growth under control.

Sometimes it may be a challenge for a gardener to insure this plant becomes established. The ideal growth of this European native plant can be achieved in conditions of partial shade with a soil that is organically enriched and moist, and the site is well-drained. As long as the soil retains a reasonable amount of moisture, this plant will tolerate full shade and sun conditions. Periwinkle leaves will tend to burn in full sun during winters, but new spring growth is likely to provide a quick replacement for the lost leaves.

The solitary flowers of Vinca minor are produced in spring, and may continue to blossom off and on through summer and into fall. The plant is hardy to zone 4 and it is important to note that all parts of this creeper are toxic. The plant has been cultivation for a long time, which has resulted in variegated mutations.

Some of the popular variegated selections include Sterling Silver with blue blossoms and white leaves, Ralph Shugert with purple blossoms and Blue and Gold with yellow-edged leaves and dark blue blossoms. 

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Vinca Minor - TN Nursery

Vinca Minor

The Vinca Minor has lush and evergreen foliage and delicate blue or white flowers make it a popular choice for various outdoor spaces. While its benefits extend beyond its use in herbalism, let's explore its landscaping advantages. Vinca Minor, also called creeping myrtle, lesser periwinkle, or just myrtle, is a perennial beauty that instills a fetching charm in gardens, landscapes, and even potted plants. What Does Vinca Minor Look Like The leaves are a deep shade of rich emerald green, and most leaves have a glossy, polished, or shiny appearance. The leaves are typically oval-shaped with smooth edges, a thick texture, and prominent veins. Some species are variegated. The plants can be erect or trailing. Leaves occur in pairs along the height of the stem, making the plant look lush and thick. The plant is graced with trailing stems and adorned with clusters of small blooms in white or in a pale, pastel purple-blue color that many people associate with serenity. What Are the Attributes of Vinca Minor This plant is active year-round. Delicate little flowers appear early in spring, and they continue to bloom throughout the spring and summer. Against a strikingly verdant backdrop provided by the rich green leaves, the clusters of blossoms are displayed to the best advantage. Creeping myrtles may look delicate. Nevertheless, they are hardy plants that tolerate harsh conditions gracefully. As perennial evergreen plants, they remain bright green throughout the winter. The Ground Cover Characteristics Of Vinca Minor This plant reaches only six inches when upright. However, the roots continue to grow underground every year. Eventually, the roots can become quite long. Although this plant has a medium growth rate, the roots can form a trailing mat, prostrate mat, or a mounding mat. The stems like to get tangled up with each other, so to speak, and as they do, they produce a thick mat of greenery that thrives all year. How Else Can Vinca Minor Be Used These plants also work well as trailers in large hanging baskets and in tall pots. They provide superior coverage for hilly areas and can even be used in landscaping designs where you want subtle pops of color added to your existing ground-cover greenery. They have other uses as well. They have long been used in folk medicine to treat conditions involving the heart, nervous system, and GI tract. The herb is thought to improve cognition and brain health.

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Periwinkle - Vinca minor - TN Nursery

Periwinkle - Vinca minor

Periwinkle is a perennial vine and is a low-growing, evergreen ground cover plant with glossy green leaves and small, violet-blue flowers, often used to fill in garden spaces and control erosion. Incorporating it into landscaping offers many benefits that give beauty and functionality to outdoor spaces. This versatile ground cover brings lushness, adaptability, erosion control, low-maintenance care, and soft elegance to garden settings. Periwinkle - Vinca minor is famous for its blue flowers, and this plant is a remarkably good groundcover. Unlike some groundcovers, it grows quickly without becoming invasive. Because of this, many home gardeners and landscape designers like to add this cheery plant to their landscape. Periwinkle - Vinca Minor Is A Versatile Groundcover It initially originated in central and southern Europe. Classified as a part of the dogbane family, this flowering plant quickly spread to the Baltic States, the Netherlands, and the Caucasus. Today, it is grown around the world as a groundcover. Sometimes, people may refer to this groundcover by other common names, like creeping myrtle or myrtle. There’s Nothing Minor About Periwinkle - Vinca minor This plant is truly a gardener’s delight. Its strong roots help to control soil erosion, and its trailing vines are full of glossy leaves. Because deer don’t normally like this plant, you don’t have to worry about it disappearing. Plus, it can handle some foot traffic, so it doesn’t get trampled easily. Periwinkle - Vinca minor Offers Lovely Foliage Because this plant is considered an evergreen, it will keep its glossy, green leaves in the winter. After you plant it, the vines will gradually spread over neighboring areas. While it mostly grows along the ground, this vine can sometimes get up to 16 inches in height. Unlike other vines, it never climbs or twines around trees or walls. Instead, you can enjoy having it as a permanent ground cover in your garden. Periwinkle - Vinca minor Flowers Are Sure to Impress The most notable part of this vine is its flowers. They are typically created between early spring and the middle of summer. Sometimes, you will still notice a few flowers in autumn. All of the flowers have a violet-purple shade and a five-lobed corolla. On some species, you can even find white and pale purple flowers. With this popular groundcover, you will get to have an evergreen mat in your garden beds throughout the year. The flowers remain for a large portion of spring and summer, so you can appreciate bright blue pops. Thanks to its rapid growth, you don’t have to wait long to see this lovely vine fill empty areas in your yard.

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