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Native Plants - Value and Local Production

Native Plants and Seedlings

Replacing trees that have been removed, damaged, or destroyed is an essential step in ensuring the continued vigor of this natural resource while helping to keep the planet’s ecosystem in balance. Most companies that remove trees needed for manufacturing processes are required through legislation to replace those trees, following specific guidelines. Homeowners, civic groups, and other individuals who want to reforest properties don’t have to meet these requirements. However, following some necessary steps will help them follow green practices that will benefit the environment.

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Growing Native Seedlings

Reforestation is the deliberate planting of tree seedlings on just an acre or two up to large areas encompassing many square miles. Most individuals focus on replacing lost trees with fire, drought, pests, storms, or disease. Although it’s most common for a homeowner to experience the loss of just one or two trees on his property, there are times when catastrophic events take an entire stand of trees. In these situations, he will want to consider purchasing seedlings from a nursery that can help him inexpensively replace them by offering wholesale grower prices.

A homeowner or community group interested in planting tree seedlings must assess the climate and the soil conditions of the area where the seedlings will be planted. If the trees he’s replacing were killed by disease, it’s possible they weren’t native to the area and couldn’t thrive in the local conditions. A homeowner will want to do some basic research to determine whether pine tree seedlings, for example, grow better in the soil found on his property than oak tree seedlings would. This initial analysis can save him time and money by ensuring that the tree species he chooses will thrive.

If pests have killed the trees a homeowner is replacing, he’ll likely want to consider purchasing different seedlings that are immune to those pests. A wholesale grower can offer pine tree seedlings, oak tree seedlings, and maple seedlings at prices attractive to the homeowner who needs to replace a dozen or more trees.

Civic clubs and community groups often come together to replace trees that are an essential part of a community’s green space, mainly when the original trees were destroyed by fire, drought, or storms. These groups benefit significantly from the wholesale grower prices offered by tree nurseries that sell seedlings in bulk quantities. A wholesale nursery can help a civic group determine whether seedlings maple seedlings, for example, are the best choice for the environment in which you’ll plant them. We have a large assortment of native plants at low prices.

Individuals don’t often grow trees directly from seed. Trees thrive best when grown at a nursery to the seedling or sapling stage and then sold to individual buyers. Saplings are the top choice for planting one or two trees, but seedlings are much less expensive when a dozen or more must be planted. You can buy small numbers of tree seedlings from nurseries in pots that help keep their roots intact. Seedlings purchased in bulk or through a wholesale nursery online sales arrive as bare-root specimens. While bare root seedlings need extra care, they can thrive when handled correctly.

It’s best to order seedlings to go into the ground as soon as they arrive from the nursery. Seedlings planted in the spring thrive best as they can develop the root systems they need to handle hot, dry weather. Seedlings planted in the fall usually don’t have enough time to grow and become healthy before cold weather arrives. The homeowner or community group that carefully plants and tends seedlings will be rewarded with trees that offer shade and enjoyment for decades.

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10 Water Garden Plants

10 Water Garden Plants

Water Garden Package of 10 Water-Loving Plants If you have a water garden or koi pond on your property, you know this unique feature is worth your time and attention. Adding the best water garden plants for your growing zone adds value and charm; it also adds value to the mini-ecosystem your pond creates. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE A COLLECTION OF WATER GARDEN PLANTS, NOT SPECIFIC SPECIES. WE CHOOSE TYPES THAT WORK BEST FOR YOUR ZONE ACCORDING TO YOUR ZIP CODE T.N. Nursery takes the guesswork out of the equation. Our experienced horticulturists will custom assemble--just for you--a water garden package with ten plants that will flourish in your particular area. When you order, we take note of your U.S.D.A. growing zone, which helps us decide which species we will select for your Water Garden fact. Please place your order with complete confidence in our experience. We will take care of the rest. The water Garden Package Might Include But are not limited to Here are a few plants that might come in your water garden package--remember these are representative, but your particular selection may vary. Water Lily Pads: Lily pads are a charming, classic pond or water garden addition. They camouflage your fish, protecting them from predators, and have lovely flowers that add a vibrant touch of color. Water Willow: This lovely plant has colorful flowers blooming in your pond's shallow waters or along the banks. Bulrush: This aquatic plant grows in dense colonies in low waters. It often serves as a habitat for herons, egrets, or other water-loving birds. Cattails: Tall and classic, the cattail is easily identifiable for its lovely, large plumes rising from the water.  Remember, your water garden package contains ten healthy plants, hand-selected to suit your local growing conditions. Our experts know what you need. The water Garden Package (10 Plants) is available today at T.N. Nursery Are you ready to use the best water garden plants to enhance your pond? Place your order with T.N. Nursery today.

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