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Native Plant Environmental Benefits

Native Wild Plants, Many Species, and Lots of Uses

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As their name suggests, native wild plants also contain wetlands. They do best in wet soil or soil that’s topped with an inch or two of water. They are excellent plants at the margins of garden water features such as ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. Wetland plants also rescue those spots in the garden that are perpetually wet and where little else can grow.



Cattails are famous for the cigar shape and color of the female flowers found just below the tiny male flowers. This structure can be as long as a foot and 2 inches thick. The resulting seeds are attached to fluff blown away by the wind. The plant is 5 to 10 feet tall, has broad, 2-inch wide leaves, and can grow in fresh or brackish water. Much of the plant is edible.

Creeping Jenny

This wetland plant is prostrate but multiplies. The result is a spread of over 30 feet. The plant has small round leaves and bright yellow blooms that arrive in the summer; It has good fall color, for the leaves turn a lovely burgundy. It's a plant that's just right for a wet space in the garden, though the soil should be rich. It prefers full sun but also does well in partial shade.

Umbrella Palm

The umbrella palm is not a palm but a sedge. It's grown for its fan-shaped foliage. It grows from 4 to 6 feet high in warmer parts of the country and needs to be protected in cooler climates. Umbrella palm does best in full sun to partial shade and likes acidic or mildly acidic loamy or clay soil.

Pickerel Weed

Grown for its spike of pretty violet flowers that arrive in early summer till fall, this tough plant is easy to take care of. Besides the flowers, the plant has gracefully arching stems and glossy, dark green, heart-shaped leaves. The plant grows between 24 to 30 inches tall. The leaves float attractively on the water, and the flowers rise above them. The leaves also provide enough shade to deter algae's overgrowth and shelter for pond fish.

Water Clover

The leaves of the water clover look very much like the leaves of the clover found on lawns, but they float. Water clover multiplies and does best in full sun to part shade in wet soil or a body of water 3 feet deep or less.

Marsh Marigold

The marsh marigold's dark green leaves contrast with its yellow, buttercup-like flowers. Indeed, it is not a marigold at all but is related to the buttercup. It grows to between 1 and 1.5 feet tall and has an equal spread. The flower arrives in April, and the plant continues to bloom through June. Though the color of the flowers is brighter in full sun, the plant also thrives in partial shade. Plant it in a bog or the shallow water at the pond's edge.

Wetland plants add beauty and softness to a water feature that may be a bit too severe without them. They also provide food and shelter for pond life.






10 Water Garden Plants - TN Nursery

10 Water Garden Plants

Explore the wonders of water-loving types with TN Nursery's 10-pack of water garden plants. This package includes a variety of plants intended to help you discover how beneficial and appealing they can be. As always, when you shop at TN Nursery, your flowers are protected for a year under our 100% guarantee. We also offer affordable prices on our pack with our grower direct pricing. What are Water Garden Plants? 10 Water Garden Plants is unique in that it includes vegetation that grows primarily or exclusively on ponds or creeks. It can include flowers and other types of vegetation that function as individual ecosystems. They do not sprout roots like other types of vegetation and instead provide their own nutrients to grow and blossom. Gardeners do not have to plant them as seeds in dirt and wait for them to sprout and grow as other types of vegetation do. What Do These types of Perennials Look Like? At first glance, you normally cannot tell the difference between them and other vegetation that may grow in your yard. However, they float on top of ponds, lakes, and other similar surfaces. They do not grow roots and stay firmly planted in the dirt. They also come in all sorts of colors, ranging from white to yellow and purple. They can become vibrant parts of a property on which they are included and make for unique and interesting showpieces. What are the Benefits Of These? They offer a variety of benefits to properties on which they are included. For one, they add bright colors and a unique look to landscaping. People who visit the property may stop and take in their beauty right away. Further, they also stabilize and add to the biodiversity of gardens and lawns in which they are added. They attract pollinators like bees and hummingbirds. They also can help filter and clean ponds, lakes, and other types of environments in which they grow. Finally, they are relatively easy to maintain. They essentially take care of themselves and provide their own sources of nutrients. They often do not require special care or upkeep. TN Nursery Offers Beautiful Aquatic Plants  You can find them for sale in businesses like greenhouses and nurseries that sell specialized vegetation. You can also find them in local hardware stores and big box retailers that have their own lawn care departments. An easier option could be to order them online and have them delivered to your home. You may get a higher level of quality and more selections when you browse online and purchase some for your property.

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25 Colorful Wildflowers - Mixture Selected For Your Zone - TN Nursery

25 Colorful Wildflowers - Mixture Selected For Your Zone

With our exquisite selection of wildflower plants, enter a world of untouched beauty and wonder. These beautiful plants can transform your garden into a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures, creating a haven for pollinators, wildlife, and yourself. Bring nature a little closer with colorful wildflowers. Perfect for cozy cottages and professional landscapers, this blend of plants is ready to stand out. 25 Colorful Wildflowers for Low Maintenance Gardens This assortment showcases the endless energy of nature in a convenient package. The more, the merrier, and this collection takes the headache out of picking and buying individual plants. These gorgeous flowers are ready to boost your creative vision for a knock-out display and beautiful bouquets. Landscaping Benefits Of These Perennials A mix of different plants keeps maintenance simple through the growing season. Since all 25 species won’t bloom at the same time, one planting can create a wave of alternating colors that don’t require frequent replacement over the spring and summer. This helps prevent bare patches or drab beds professionals may need to fill with other plants. Easy Cottage Gardening Favorites At TN Nursery While these flowers look beautiful in formal gardens, few plants fit the popular cottage core aesthetic like the mix in this package. The vibrant range introduces whimsy and charm to any outdoor space, whether that’s formal beds, large planters, or informal plots. This is a wonderful option for new enthusiasts or experienced gardeners seeking exuberant variety to bring their cottage core dreams to life. Extra Benefits These blooms are perfect for the gardener who wants more guests to visit. Not only do the flowers create a warm and welcoming environment for human visitors, but they are fantastic draws for pollinators. A wildflower bed is one of the best ways to entice nature a little closer to home. This collection may help support local bees, and butterflies enjoy them, too. As the flowers turn to seeds, you may want to take up bird watching. Dedicated birding enthusiasts can take advantage of this pack by pairing it with other bird-friendly features like a birdbath to encourage more traffic. Plant near a window for the best views. Celebrate with colors, and add a touch of the wild to this year’s garden design. This mix takes the guesswork out of selection; its variety keeps things interesting, and there’s nothing as classic as a fragrant collection of nature’s favorites.

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