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Sunday, April 3

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Landscaping trees and shrubs can be used to create a new landscape or fit into an existing one perfectly.

However, the key lies in choosing the right kind of trees and shrubs that are suited to the area where they are planted.

Choosing the right type, size, and shrubs can make all the difference to your landscaping plans. Another factor that can make a crucial difference is the right wholesale nursery company, an online plant nursery that can supply you with the best plants for your needs.

As a first step before you decide to select the shrubs, you must evaluate the quality of your soil regarding its pH value, soil type, and hardiness zone. Judging how much your landscape is shaded and exposed to direct sunshine is essential. The level of water supply at your site will also influence the choice of your shrubs and trees because some shrubs thrive in dry areas and others in moist areas.

You must test the acidity or pH value of the soil beforehand. If you buy plants online, you can check for Camellias, Rhododendrons, and Azaleas if your garden has acidic soil. These shrubs can be combined with coniferous evergreens or underneath coniferous evergreens. The needle drops of these plants help turn the soil acidic, and you may also use ericaceous compost to improve the acidic content of the soil. For full-sized trees, the planting area must be sufficiently large. With your wholesale nursery company, you may discuss how large the tree will grow over ten years and, accordingly, decide its suitability for your location.

Many species of trees and shrubs are sub-divided according to their genus. So remember to choose suitable variations even under the same tree species. The plant nursery may offer you the option of buying the shrubs as seedlings or young potted plants. It is also possible to purchase trees as ball and burlap (B&B), nearing maturity. The cost of the shrub is usually in proportion to its size and maturity.

The advantage of potted trees is that they can be planted in any season, as long as the ground is frost-free. Bare rooted trees are typically grown in nurseries and finally dug up and transported without soil. However, they carry moist materials such as peat moss to preserve the roots. Bare-rooted trees should ideally be planted in the winter when the tree is in a dormant state.

Once the bare tree has been purchased, it should be planted at the earliest possible. B&B trees are usually grown in nurseries and shipped with soil intact around the roots and wrapped in burlap. The root ball should remain moist, and burlap wrapping must remain until the tree is planted. A sizeable wholesale nursery company should be in a position to supply you with local shrub and tree species that will thrive in your garden. In such nurseries, all balled landscaping trees are machine-dug and specimen quality with American Nursery Association root ball standards.

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