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How Live Moss Can Make a Garden Statement

Live Moss

How Live Moss Can Make a Garden Statement

Landscaping with moss can liven up any garden or landscaping. Many people use moss as an alternative to grass for its low maintenance and beauty. Live moss is small, and the soft plant is typically about 1-10cm (.4-4 inches) tall and commonly grows close together in clumps in damp or shady locations (medium dense. However, the Lawsonia is the tallest moss in the world (about 50cm tall).


The Tennessee Tree Nursery sells many different types of moss. Here are some examples and some information on them:

Hypnum moss (sheet moss):

- typically found in all continents except Antarctica

- small to medium in size (2-10cm long)

- it looks like a Cyprus tree

- grows on tree trunks, logs, walls, and rocks

Sphagnum moss:

- commonly called peat moss

- wet habitats (grow more in wet areas)

- living and dead plants can hold large quantities of water

- under the right conditions, it can grow many meters

Topiary moss:

- the practice of training live perennial plants by clipping them into various shapes and angles.

- also known as living sculptures

- sometimes, wired cages are used to help guide the shears used by the artist

- generally, evergreens are used because they are small, woody plants that produce dense foliage and have fast-growth habits

- Many the tourist attractions like Disney World and Epcot Center have topiary plants on display to help attract people to their parks.

Partridge Berry (Mitchella Repens)

- Repens: creeping

- evergreen plant

* it's a non-climbing vine that is no taller than 6 cm with stems that are 15-30 cm long

- evergreens' dark, shiny green leaves are easy to shape

- leaves easily spread

There are many other types of moss to choose from. You can check out the Tennessee Tree Nursery's website, or better yet, stop in and check out the different types of moss.

Landscaping with moss has been gaining popularity over the last few years due to economic problems and water scarcity. Many people prefer to encourage moss growth rather than eliminate them by using harmful chemicals. Live moss has many perks.

* grows fast and prevents erosion (wearing away of the earth's surface by water, ice, and wind)

* virtually no maintenance (no need to worry about when you need to mow your lawn!)

* grows thick and lush (once it's been established)

* repels weeds

* doesn't need fertilizer or much water, thus substantially saving money on water and the need for harmful chemicals.

* no pests or little to no diseases

Grow moss in shady areas; there are four factors to do so effectively:

* must have enough moisture in the area (keep the area moist at all times for the first few weeks after transplanting)

* enough shade (medium to dense shading is preferred)

* humidity (difficult to control...misting kits will help check out the website about the kits or visit the store and ask a sales associate)

* soil type/PH balance (prefer to grow on firmly packed acidic soils with PH balances between 5.0 and 5.5)

The Tennessee Tree Nursery has a wide selection of reasonably priced live moss for your gardening and landscaping needs. Shipping is affordable, and they will deliver it to your house in 2-5 days. They can deliver it year-round so that you can shop and order anytime. Visit the website or stop in to see the selection of moss and other beautiful plants for your gardening or landscaping needs! Landscaping with moss has never been more accessible or more beautiful! You will love the results!

Sheet Moss

Sheet Moss

Sheet Moss is a lush, low-growing moss species that forms a dense carpet of soft, emerald-green foliage, often used in terrariums, floral arrangements, and as a ground cover in shaded areas. It is a versatile and valuable addition to landscaping projects, offering many benefits beyond its traditional uses in herbalism. This low-growing, lush moss is appreciated for its unique qualities that contribute to the aesthetic and functional aspects of outdoor spaces. Sheet Moss is an excellent choice for enhancing the visual impact of pathways, rock gardens, and stepping stones. One of the primary advantages of using it in landscaping is its ability to create a soft, carpet-like ground cover. When placed strategically, it can transform bare soil, stone, or wood patches into visually appealing and textured areas. It helps moisture retention and erosion control. Its dense and intricate growth structure helps reduce the risk of soil erosion. Acting as a natural barrier can help prevent soil loss due to water runoff and wind exposure, making it especially beneficial for slopes and areas prone to erosion. In addition to its benefits, it adds a touch of tranquility and visual interest to various landscaping settings. Its lush green color and delicate texture create a soothing atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to shady corners, moss gardens, and woodland-inspired landscapes. Its adaptability to various light conditions, including shaded areas, allows creative incorporation into different design concepts. It also serves as a natural insulator, providing a layer that helps regulate soil temperature and moisture levels. This can be particularly advantageous in extreme weather conditions, as it helps shield plants' roots from temperature fluctuations and excessive evaporation. Furthermore, it is relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal attention once established. This ease of care makes it an attractive option for busy gardeners and landscapers. Its ability to thrive without frequent watering or pruning adds to its hassle-free ground cover option appeal. In conclusion, the sheet moss benefits of using it in landscaping are diverse and valuable. Its capacity to create appealing ground covers contributes to erosion control, enhances moisture retention, and adds aesthetic charm to various landscape settings, making it an asset for designers and gardeners seeking to create beautiful, sustainable outdoor environments. Buy your Sheet Moss from TN Nursery! Sheet moss, scientifically known as Hypnum curvifolium or Hypnum imponent, is a charming and versatile species of moss that thrives in various habitats, adding a touch of natural elegance to its surroundings. This non-vascular plant is a member of the Hypnaceae family and is characterized by its lush, velvety appearance and vibrant green coloration. It is a botanical gem that has captured the fascination of botanists, horticulturists, and nature enthusiasts alike. Sheet Moss Has A Unique Growth Pattern One of the most distinctive features is its delicate structure. Its growth pattern forms a verdant, mossy that adheres closely to rocks, logs, trees, or soil surfaces. This moss's ability to blanket surfaces with its exquisite greenery lends an enchanting, fairy-tale-like quality to woodland landscapes. It creates a soft, inviting carpet that can be touched and explored. Sheet moss is often found with adequate moisture in moist, shaded environments such as forests, woodlands, and gardens. Its adaptability allows it to flourish in different soil types, making it a resilient and widespread species. This moss serves several ecological roles in its ecosystems. It helps retain moisture in the soil, contributing to the ecosystem's overall health by supporting other flora and fauna. Additionally, it can serve as a nesting material for small birds and insects, providing a crucial habitat component for these creatures. From an aesthetic standpoint, it is a favored choice in landscaping and terrarium design. Its lush, velvety appearance is captivating, making it ideal for creating natural, tranquil scenes in gardens and miniature ecosystems. Whether used to embellish rock gardens, enliven garden paths, or accentuate the base of bonsai trees, it lends an air of enchantment to any setting. In summary, with its luxurious green texture and adaptability, sheet moss is a botanical marvel contributing ecologically and aesthetically to its surroundings. Its ability to create enchanting green blankets in woodlands and gardens makes it a cherished element of the natural world, capturing the hearts of those who appreciate its beauty and ecological significance. 

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