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How Garden Designing can benefit your Home

Designing Your Garden The Right Way

When you're looking at designing your outdoor space, the first stop you should make is a plant nursery.

Why do you ask? Well, because you need some inspiration before you start planning your garden. You also need to know what is available locally to don't plan on putting a plant in that you can't get in your area.

Starting your garden plan with a general outline is a great way to figure out what you want and where you want it. Creating a layout of the areas you would like or already have in your gardens, such as a pool, seating, and cooking areas, is a good start. Then you need to decide if you want to make your garden a private oasis or open. The next step is filling these areas with flowers, plants, and accessories to complete your project.

One way to make your garden stand out and create some privacy from your neighbors is to use privet hedges. Privet hedges create a border around your garden, property, or any area you want to keep private. They can be square, cutting off all access to an area except where there is an intended opening, or privet hedges can act as more of a screen that shades an area without blocking it off.

When you visit the plant nursery, you will want to figure out what kind of plant you would like to use for your hedge. Would you like boxwoods or a Japanese Barberry to bring in more color? If you want a formal look, go with boxwoods, but choose the barberry or maybe a Cypress if you're looking for something different. Ask someone working at the nursery what they recommend. They may have something available that you would never have thought of.

Also, ask the worker what plants may work best in your yard layout and your area. This way, you know what you can use in a shady yard vs. a yard that is sunny all of the time. Utilize your local nursery worker and ask all the questions you can while you are there.

Make sure you design your garden to suit you and your needs. Don't plan a garden to be like one in a magazine. It may not work for your lifestyle, and you may end up hating it in the end.

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