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Honeysuckle - Facts, Uses and Precautions



Halls Honeysuckle Lonicera Japonica

Halls Honeysuckle Lonicera Japonica has the most intoxicating, sensual scent. This plant will kidnap your mind from external obstacles with its wild beauty. Treat your taste buds to a tiny bit of good, sweet luxury. Enhance your garden and property with a plant that inevitably attracts welcoming hummingbirds, dancing butterflies, and a loving family of bees. Halls Honeysuckle is the most intriguing to the senses in the spring. Savor its alluring yellow and white bloom with your eyes. Lonicera Japonica can be used as a ground cover to prevent erosion, used on fences, trellises, or anywhere its delicious fragrance can be relished. This plant is deficient in maintenance. It can tolerate extreme heat and mild drought—no need to worry about infuriating insects or diseases. 


Halls Honeysuckle in your garden

This plant is effervescent from spring until frost. It will adapt to a wide range of soils. It can tolerate light shade, which is convenient around the home. This plant gives way to blackberries which bloom starting in late summer. Many countries use this flower for medicinal practice; It is used for detoxification, inflammation, infections, sore throat, headache, and runny nose. It is even used in China as a folk remedy for snakebites. That is a fast-growing vine that can climb to 15 feet or more, or 2 feet as the ground cover. It can economically cover unattractive space around your home or other location. 


Conveniently, Halls Honeysuckle requires minimal watering. It is very inexpensive, also. Imagine stepping onto your front porch and being taken away by the sweet smell of honeysuckle, the calming nature of hummingbirds, the delightful view of butterflies, the tickling sound of buzzing bees, and the mind intoxicated by the most relaxing view of beautiful flowers.

Trick yourself into thinking you were on a great forest vacation that never ends! Appreciate every bit of positive that comes along with this plant. Treat your garden to a soulful playmate with lots to offer. You can cover unsightly fences, old trees, and shabby yard patches with delightful and natural ornaments.

You owe it to yourself to possess one of the most beautiful plants you can have. Remember, this plant is low maintenance, adapts to many soils, requires minimal watering, tolerates light shade, and is merely the best plant to have. Whatever your different intentions are with this plant, you are sure to have the most appealing decorations around that will make any family gathering pleasant!

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wild blackberry

Wild Blackberry

Wild Blackberry is a thorny, woody shrub that produces small, sweet, and black or dark purple berries, often found in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, fields, and along roadsides. They are delightful additions to any garden or natural landscape, offering many benefits beyond their delicious edible fruits. These hardy and versatile plants display various attributes that make them desirable for planting and cultivating. One notable attribute is their adaptability to various environmental conditions. They are commonly found in temperate and subtropical regions, thriving in diverse soil types ranging from sandy loam to clay. Additionally, they can tolerate almost anywhere planted, making them an ideal choice for many different garden settings. Another appealing feature of these plants is their aesthetic value. These bushes sport lush green foliage that turns shades of red and orange in the fall, creating a stunning display of colors as the seasons change. The plants produce beautiful white or pink flowers in spring, adding further charm to the landscape. With their graceful arching canes, they also serve as excellent natural barriers or hedgerows, enhancing privacy and providing habitat for wildlife. Wild blackberries play a vital role in supporting biodiversity; Beyond their ornamental value, they have ecological importance. They provide food for various animals, birds, and insects. The dense thickets they form offer nesting sites for birds, while the berries serve as a crucial food source for small mammals, such as chipmunks and raccoons, as well as pollinators like bees and butterflies. Moreover, these plants contribute to soil conservation. The extensive root systems help prevent erosion by stabilizing the soil and minimizing the risk of water runoff. Their capacity to colonize disturbed areas also aid in ecological restoration efforts, as they can play a role in reclaiming damaged landscapes. Wild Blackberry Attracts Wildlife  For gardeners looking to attract wildlife, these plants can be part of a carefully planned wildlife garden. Their ability to draw in birds and insects provides a rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts, fostering a connection with the local ecosystem. In conclusion, wild blackberry plants possess various attributes that make them desirable for planting beyond their edible uses. From their adaptability to different environments and aesthetic appeal to their ecological significance and soil-conserving properties, these plants offer numerous benefits to both gardeners and the environment. By incorporating wild blackberries into landscaping or wildlife gardens, individuals can create vibrant, biodiverse spaces that celebrate the beauty and functionality of nature. Order your Wild blackberry at TN Nursery The Wild Blackberry shrub, scientifically known as Rubus fruticosus, is a captivating and ubiquitous plant that thrives in various natural landscapes across North America and many other parts of the world. This resilient perennial shrub belongs to the Rubus genus within the Rosaceae family and is celebrated for its profound connection to the untamed beauty of the wilderness. At 3 to 10 feet tall, the shrub boasts an intricately woven network of arching canes adorned with thorny stems. These thorns, though formidable, serve as a natural defense mechanism for the plant against herbivores and provide an added layer of complexity to its appearance. The foliage features lush, dark green leaves with serrated edges, lending the plant a dense and inviting texture. Wild Blackberry Starts Spring With Stunning Pink Blooms One of the most captivating aspects of the shrub is its seasonal metamorphosis. In spring, delicate white to pale pink blossoms adorn the canes, exuding a sweet, subtle fragrance that attracts an array of pollinators, from bees to butterflies. As the seasons progress, these blossoms give way to the formation of tiny, green berries that gradually ripen into rich, glossy black orbs of natural bounty. Though not the focus here, the mature blackberries are a testament to the plant's role in providing sustenance to wildlife and humans. In the wild, the Wild Blackberry shrub symbolizes untamed beauty and tenacity. It thrives in various habitats, from open meadows to forested slopes, and can often be found alongside hiking trails, where its canes create natural barriers. Its presence is a reminder of nature's ability to flourish and adapt in diverse environments and an invitation to research the marvels of the natural world. The Wild Blackberry shrub, with its thorny canes, fragrant blooms, and delicious fruit, stands as a testament to the intricate web of life in the wild, where every element plays a vital role in the ecosystem.

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Ground Covers

15 Ground Cover Favorites

Ground Cover Favorites To Adorn Hillsides, Get for Soil Erosion and Weed Control  The Nursery proudly offers you the chance to purchase a ground cover grab bag that contains ten healthy plants. This option allows each customer to have a horticulture specialist determine which ground cover plants will perform best in their U.S.D.A. growing zone.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE A COLLECTION OF PLANTS, NOT SPECIFIC PLANT TYPES. WE CHOOSE TYPES THAT WORK BEST FOR YOUR ZONE ACCORDING TO YOUR ZIP CODE Our horticulturists assess your zone and then hand-select your order. You will receive a surprise that includes a variety of 10 beautiful plants. T.N. Nursery specializes in growing species that are easy to care for and suitable for gardeners of every skill level. Ground Cover Grab Bag: Benefits Do you have vacant spots in your yard calling out for some color? Sure, those areas need more interest. Besides adding some curb appeal, adding ground cover plants also provides a few environmental benefits, like these:  Prevent soil erosion: Bare spots tend to compact, causing fast water runoff and wind erosion. Ground cover can help you fill in those areas and maintain your soil. Create a healthy ecosystem: Small mammals, lizards, and ground birds will gravitate toward your ground cover plants. They can escape the hot summer sun and hide their young from predators. Natural weed control: Most gardeners accept weeding as a necessary chore--but it need not be! Plant thick, dense, and fast-spreading groundcover plants. They will steal the nutrients from the weeds. Eventually, you will not need to weed manually or spray damaging chemicals.  Ground Cover Grab Bag May Include:  The ground cover grab bag can include a variety of species--we grow hundreds of different plants at T.N. Nursery, and we know just the right thing for your needs. Your order will be custom-selected to suit the growing needs of your climate.  If you are ready to be delighted and surprised, order your ten-plant groundcover grab bag today--we are eager to select your plants with love and care. 

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