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About the Great Blue Lobelia

Blue lobelia is a common plant found in the US. It is a cool-season annual that grows to about three feet tall. The leaves are broadly ovate, and the flowers are blue. The flowers are produced in late summer and early fall. The leaves of blue lobelia help protect the plant from frost.

How to Grow Great Blue Lobelia Plant

Great blue lobelia is a cool-season annual that grows to about three feet tall. It is a perennial but only lives for a short time. It blooms in late summer and early fall. The flowers are blue, and the leaves help protect them from frost. When planting, dig the hole deep enough, so the root ball is covered by at least two inches of soil. Plant the lobelia at least 24 inches away from other plants, fences, or building structures, so it has plenty of room to grow and bloom.

How to Take Care of Great Blue Lobelia Plant

Great blue lobelia is a perennial plant, but it's not hardy in all parts of the country. In areas with mild winters, the plant can grow annually. In colder regions, it should be developed as a perennial. In warmer areas, the plant can survive without protection from frost. It can be grown in the sun or shade and will do well in most soils except sandy ones. If you plan to develop it annually, you must start your seeds indoors at least two weeks before planting outside.

What are the Benefits of the Great Blue Lobelia Plant?

The main benefit of growing this plant is that it will help eliminate weeds. It is a fast-growing plant that can cover other plants or create privacy barriers between them. It has long been used as a border and screening plant because of its beautiful blue flowers. The lobelia can also be used as an ornamental and is often seen on paths, at the edge of lawns and gardens, and on the side of buildings.

The Lobelia plant is a beautiful plant that can create privacy barriers. It is also an ornamental plant that can be used in many ways. The Lobelia plant is a cool-season annual that grows to about three feet tall.

Great Blue Lobelia Plant Is A Wonderful Addition To Anyone's Garden  

Blue Lobelia - TN Nursery

Blue Lobelia

Blue Lobelia has striking blue hues and an attractive shape; this perennial plant can elevate the aesthetics of any garden or outdoor space. It is an excellent addition to any landscape design, from attracting pollinators to providing visual appeal. Blue Lobelia is an amazing choice when you crave flowers that swirl together showy blue blossoms with vibrant greenery in bright spikes. It's a striking, solidly built plant that delights both people and pollinators. The Aesthetics of The Blue Lobelia Perennial Several large flowers spiral around the stout central stem in an extended cluster. They are positioned most heavily along the upper portion of the stem. The tubular flowers have five petals with edges that curl attractively. Two petals form an upper lip. Three fuse together to form a lower lip that is more prominent. Blooms are typically about an inch in length, and they may appear solid or striped. While the bold flowers are clearly the stars of the show, the vibrant green foliage shines in its supporting role. The thick, unbranching stem stands firm and tall, allowing the plant to attain a height of two feet to three feet with ease. In fact, plants reaching four feet in height are not uncommon. The stems are wrapped in alternating leaves with no stalks in varying shapes. Some are shaped like a lance and finely toothed. These can measure up to five inches in length. Others are elliptical and can be between two inches and six inches in length. They are primarily found in shades of blue or purple. However, plants with white flowers are also available. In addition, crosses with cardinal flowers may result in plants that produce pink blooms. Blue Lobelia Blooming Season This wildflower generally unfurls its blooms in midsummer or later and continues the show until fall. In many regions, that means you can enjoy the flowers from July through October. Blue Lobelia are amazing flowers that put on a fantastic show, so they're a wonderful choice when you want something big, bold, and beautiful. They attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and pollinators. They flourish along ponds and water features, are favorites in borders, thrive in rain gardens, and delight when paired with plants like ferns, heuchera, or cardinal flowers. Shop Blue Lobelia At TN Nursery

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