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Gazebos in Your Garden | What to Know

Saturday, August 6

Gazebos are a great way to add landscape and value to your home or garden.

Gazebos make a great focal point because there is so much you can do with them, such as place them down by a lake or pond.

So that on a warm summer evening, you can go down and have a lovely peaceful and relaxing time just sitting and enjoying all the beautiful marvels that God has given us.

Gazebos are also great because it can be a time that your family can go and spend some quality time together sitting and talking about the day’s events, what is going on in each other’s lives, and so forth.

For many people, Gazebos are also great ways to display their ferns and hanging baskets. Ferns are a trendy plant among many, and they make for a gorgeous display in a hanging basket because ferns can even reach widths of up to 8 feet if left un-pruned. Ferns are great for hanging on Gazebos because they can get the right amount of shade and sun all at the same time.

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 Royal Fern

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Royal Fern - TN Nursery

Royal Fern

The Royal Fern is a large, striking fern with feathery fronds and a distinctive crown of fertile fronds. It is typically found in wetland habitats and is appreciated for its ornamental appeal in gardens. The Royal Fern is distinctive from other plants in the class because of its notable size. Specifically, this is one of the largest that grows outside of tropical zones in the United States. Also known as the osmunda regalis, the plant thrives in areas of the yard that are moist, including both shady and partially shady spots. Why should you include it in your landscaping plans? The Appearance Of Royal Fern The plant is appropriately named because it can grow up to six feet tall, and its size at maturity often makes it a solid focal point in yards. The fronds can be as comprehensive as 16 inches and feature up to nine pinna pairs, each with up to 13 pinnules. These qualities, combined with the healthy green color and the point shape of the fronts, add a rich texture to your yard that elevates aesthetics. The Wildlife Attraction and Tolerance Of Royal Fern While some wildlife is welcome in your yard, others can cause considerable damage and should be deterred. The potential damage from foragers like deer and rabbits is deterred as these animals do not use this plant for food. However, turtles, birds, and frogs, which generally do not cause damage, often seek shelter in their bushy leaves. Royal Fern is Pest Resistant While hungry insects often feed on various types of plants, it is well-known for repelling them. Specifically, the recognizable leaves have particular proteins that repel many kinds of insects. Any insects that do find their way to these plants often become food for the birds and other animals that live under the fronds for protection from the elements and their natural predators. When Royal Ferns are planted three feet apart, as recommended, there is little concern about them outgrowing their allocated space. The plants grow only a few inches yearly and do not need to be cut back to prevent overgrowth. As a result, it takes many years for the plant to reach its full size, and minimal care of this low-maintenance plant is required.

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