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Royal Fern

Royal Fern

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Royal Fern - Osmunda Regalis

The Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis) is a majestic and captivating plant with numerous landscaping benefits. With its distinctive appearance and unique characteristics, this fern adds a touch of elegance and natural charm to outdoor spaces. Its aesthetic and practical qualities make it popular among landscape designers and homeowners.

One of the key benefits of incorporating it into landscaping is its ability to thrive in various environments. Whether placed near water features, in shaded areas, or as part of woodland gardens, this fern can adapt to different growing conditions, adding versatility to landscape designs. Its lush green fronds, which can reach impressive heights, create a sense of verticality, adding visual interest and dimension to the overall landscape.

The architectural beauty of it is another notable advantage.

Royal Fern's symmetrical and graceful fronds unfurl uniquely, resembling the appearance of a regal crown.

This distinctive growth pattern makes the fern an eye-catching focal point that effortlessly draws attention. Whether used as standalone specimens or grouped with other plants, it brings a sense of sophistication to outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, it contributes to environmental sustainability. Their dense foliage provides shade and shelter for small wildlife, offering a habitat for birds, insects, and other creatures. The fern's extensive root system aids in preventing soil erosion, making it a valuable addition to landscapes with slopes or near water bodies. By enhancing the area's ecological balance, they promote a healthier and more vibrant ecosystem.

In summary, its benefits in landscaping are manifold. Its adaptability, distinctive appearance, and positive impact on the environment make it an excellent choice for creating captivating outdoor settings. Whether used as a focal point, as part of a lush backdrop, or for its environmental contributions, it adds a touch of timeless elegance and natural allure to any landscape design.

Buy your Royal Fern from TN Nursery!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Hill
TN nursery, Royal Fern

Fast delivery. Good size dormant roots. It will be spring before we see any growth.

Margery Petersen
Looked ok

They looked healthy when I planted them. None of them have come up yet.

Ki Perry
Arrived nicely packaged

The bare roots were healthy. I really like ordering plants this way! I’ll touch base in the spring. My garden will b beautiful :)

Great looking ferns!

I received my order of bare rooted ferns from the TN Nursery a few weeks ago. They arrived in great shape. Since I knew that they were coming I had already prepared my garden space with top soil and compost. The original soil was heavy clay based. I planted them (Cinnamon ferns, Royal ferns, Lady Ferns, and Painted ferns) the same day I received them. Unfortunately we had a cloudburst that evening, and some of the ferns were washed away. The next morning I was able to find them and replant. Now, after three weeks, I can claim a greater than 100% success rate. TN Nursery threw in some extra small ferns to my order.

I have had trouble in the past with bare-rooted plants. In this case, the received plants were of A+ prime quality and I had taken time to adequately prepare the garden with the correct soil. I even potted two of the ferns as a backup and they are thriving too.

Ken Olsen

Royal ferns just arrived. I am adding the purchased ferns to a section with Royal ferns I planted two years ago. The look is great! When something works, keep doing it!